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Andy Walker is CEO and Senior Strategist at Cyberwalker Digital. He is the author of five books and is a well known technology expert. Andy is a former G4TechTV host and currently appears in the media as a commentator of the Internet and all thing technology. He is co-authoring the book "Super You: How technology is revolutionizing what it means to be human" with CWD's Kay Svela.

3 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing

3 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool used by businesses to advertise their products and services, increase market reach, enhance brand reputation, and boost sales and revenue potential. Modern companies can take advantage of a huge variety of digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. To help you market your business effectively, here are three tips to improve your digital marketing today by our strategist Kay Walker

1. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO should be a key focus in any digital marketing strategy. When used correctly, SEO will make your website more visible and improve your search engine rankings. This should increase organic traffic to your site, boost conversions, and generate more sales and profits in the long run. Content is an essential part of SEO because it allows you to reach and engage with your audience. For instance, a beauty salon may post a series of blogs on the top beauty treatments to try or ways to enhance your natural beauty. When someone searches for this information on Google, the blog should come up, and the salon will have the chance to build a relationship by offering valuable advice. SEO can be complex due to regular updates with technology and algorithms. Experts at an SEO company in San Diego advise how “it’s important to maintain your site with optimizations and regularly updated content.” This will help you to stay ahead of the changing SEO landscape and take advantage of new updates. 

2. Track your social channels 

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to modern businesses is social media. Social channels allow companies of all sizes to connect with their customers, increase their market reach, and advertise their services and products on a global scale. However, it is only effective when used correctly, and you should be actively monitoring the performance of all social channels within your marketing strategies. Tools like Google Analytics can be used to track your performance on social media platforms by providing valuable information on things like the number of shares and overall engagement. This will allow you to tailor your social media marketing to make it more effective in the future. You can find advice on how to track social media in Google Analytics

3. Understand your audience 

You cannot implement effective digital marketing strategies if you don’t know who your audience is. Market research will allow you to better understand the needs of your customers and create marketing campaigns that will engage and captivate your target audience. Audience analysis is now easier than ever and can provide you with valuable consumer insights such as buying trends, potential barriers, and socio-demographic characteristics like gender and age. Overall, audience analysis helps you create a clear picture of your target audience and how to reach them most effectively. This will help you improve your overall marketing strategy and enhance the customer experience. Ideally, audience analysis should be conducted at the start of any new digital marketing campaign. 

Shopify in Singapore

Shopify Singapore

Many entrepreneurs that want to start an ecommerce store in Singapore ask us if Shopify is the platform of choice for startups or even established companies that need a reliable ecommerce platofmr to host their store.

But there are always questions and we aim here at Cyberwalker to answer them as best we can. We are are a U.S. company that has ben working with Shopify for more than 7 years and we have a presence in Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur (WhatsApp +60-14-991-3660).

Our best advice, however is if you want to evaluate Shopify, the best way to do that is to get a free account just to experiment with the features. You can do that right here. It is the fastest way to start to see if the platform is a fit because it is a fully functional store. You don’t pay any fees for 14 days so you can try it out. Click here to get a free Shopify trial with no credit card required.

Ok, now on to the answers about Shopify in Singapore

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore.

What is Shopify
Shopify is a great ecommerce option for Singapore businesses

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore

Can I sell in Singapore dollars or so I have to use US currency in A Singapore based Shopify store?

Shopify is flexible in that it can use any one currency of dozens from around the world. You control this in the Shopify dashboard. But yes you can sell in Singapore dollars in a Shopify Store.

Shopify store currency SIngapore dollars

Can I sell in a difference currency than Singapore dollars but based my Shopify store in Singapore?

Yes you can sell in any currency you like. However you need to declare one currency for each store.

Can I sell in a multiple currencies in my Shopify store in Singapore?

While you have one currency set in the store you can install a plugin to display funds in a different currency. However the transaction will go through in your primary currency, and it will convert on the customer’s credit card.

Shopify has an advanced platform called Shopify Plus that can replicate a single site across multiple regions supporting each country’s currency natively in the store. So for example you could run,,

Is Shopify Payments available in Singapore?

Yes when you sign up for a Shopify store you can run all your transactions through Shopify Payments. No need to get a third part credit card clearing payment gateway. This is the simplest and best option.

What third party payment credit gateways can I use on Shopify in Singapore? 

If you want to use another payment gateway there are a series of options. See list below which was current as of mid (May) 2019.

Shopify Singapore payment gateways

What Singapore ecommerce business already use  Shopify? 

Here is a partial list of some Singapore business that use the Shopify platform

Why WordPress Is More Than Just A Blogging Platform

WordPress is just for bloggers, isn’t it? That may have once been true; however, data obtained from a survey conducted by W3Techs, has revealed that 30% of all websites are now powered by WordPress. Most notably, Disney, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News and Usain Bolt are all using WordPress to run their websites. Therefore, if it’s good enough for these big brands, it’s more than suitable for the more demure business looking to generate blog content quickly.

In the marketing world

WordPress is a magnificent tool to utilize your business’s marketing strategies. As WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) it effectively does everything for you other than write your content. When you’ve typed up your post, it’s as simple as publishing it and the system does the rest – it can tell your subscribers that a new piece has just been published and it allows the post to be shared across various social media platforms, meaning your site and your business are being advertised for very little effort.

Utilizing plugins

WordPress boosts a considerable number of plugins which make creating a website, creating new content, advertising your services and optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effortless. SEO is the key to driving good quality traffic to your site, which is the ultimate goal for any business. Improving your SEO also boosts your Domain Authority which can push your site up Google’s search rankings, meaning your business will be seen by more individuals. WordPress comes into its own when it’s excellent SEO you’re after as plugins, such as Yoast, help to ensure all content you create is the best it can be.

Moving your website to WordPress

If your current website isn’t currently run by WordPress, there’s no need to worry as it’s easy to transfer over to the CMS. First, you need to select a WordPress host who offers fast speeds and good customer service. Once you’re with a host, it’s as simple as installing WordPress, followed by a plugin to transfer your existing content across to your new host. You’ll also need to move your domain name over, too. Then, you’re free to select a theme, or, have a unique one designed and installed by a web developer for you, download whichever plugins you require and overhaul your site to turn it into the ultimate SEO and lead generating machine.

So many great businesses and organizations can’t be wrong in using WordPress to host their content. Therefore, now’s the time to take the plunge and move your site over to their CMS system to create the ultimate site to enhance your business leads.

How detailed niche content drives traffic

Bobcat specsIf you ever wondered what makes great content that drives good traffic and search engine love, then here’s a quick case study.

I am going to show you how to create a page that ranks well because of highly targeted niche content using these steps

  1. Provide great content on a site where not much else exists.
  2. Do it better than the competitors.
  3. Be comprehensive and provide valuable content.
  4. Offer video and downloads as well as embeds where merited.
  5. SEO it properly so it can be found

Find underserved niche topics on the web

We operate a site called which specializes in construction repair manuals. Now that may seem like an odd business for a marketing company to be in, however we are always on the lookout for underserved niche topics on the web.

This gives us a chance to hone our skills in SEM, SEO and content marketing, but also in ecommerce. We own a few of these including, which serves the forklift industry. We also run and which deals in  tropical fruit and leaves sales that has a reputation to fight cancer.

Anyway, back to WrenchIQ. On this site we did an analysis using the tool to see what works to drive traffic on this topic. We discovered the big traffic trend for people who search for construction truck specifications.

Bobcat specs are super niche

Specifically Bobcat specs. Now a Bobcat is a small 4.5-ton digger that is known as a skid-steer loader. And it turns out that thousands of people every month look at the specs of the various models. So we built a page about the various Bobcat specs, like this one which lists Bobcat 753 specs. We built images from the manuals we had. We transcribed all the key specification of the loader and we embedded a spec sheet. This provides an indepth look for anyone interested in the equipment to at a glance understand it specifications. And we do it better than any of the competitors.

This has Google raise its position to the top 10 search results (SERPs) as it is not that competitive, yet there is good traffic to be had of we rank well.

Deep dive on related topics

One site that does a very good job of creating hyperniche content is which focuses on Adult ADHD. They have great content on that topic, but they also dive into on niches of the niche. For example, take this long form article on hyperfixation or this piece on executive function disorder They constantly win front page of the search engines and often top 3 search results.

How to win search traffic with niche information on the web

So the take aways are this:

  1. Provide great content where not much else exists.
  2. Do it better than the competitors.
  3. Be comprehensive and provide valuable content.
  4. Offer video and downloads as well as embeds where merited.
  5. Be sure to do your keyword research in a tool like and ensure you optimize the onpage keywords selected.

Do this for any site and any topic and you will find you will rank better than anyone else and win the traffic you want.

The key takeaway:

Cover content no one else is doing well, do it better, and serve the audience that seeks it. They will come, because Google will send them.

Andy Walker is chief strategist for Cyberwalker Digital. Reach him at [email protected].

The digital marketing tools we recommend and can’t work without

We use a lot of tools in our digital marketing practice at Cyberwalker Digital, so it’s safe to say that we’ve have found some of the best over the years. Added to this list, if you need Digital Marketing professionals take a look at

There some that we simply can’t live without. So here is a list of the tools we love and highly recommend.








The new rules of SEO: How any business can benefit

Search engine optimization is changing quickly thanks to new technologies introduced by Google in the past two years. New artificial intelligence tools build by the search giant helps the company scan a website and learn how authoritative and complete its content. The results of this study will provide a good window into whether or not the herb interferes with traditional medications or is well-tolerated and effective. Though, the fact that mods for vapes are already being used are positive signs for the results of the trial.. This new capability can be leverage by a new SEO tactic called semantic SEO. Let’s use a Tampa business to demonstrate how this works. In this technology article checkout this wrist dive computers.

First let’s define semantic SEO:  Semantic SEO refers to search results that don’t contain your exact search term, but answer the question you ask. When you search for “fried seafood appetizers in Tampa“, Google examines the the relationship between the words, how they work together, and it will try to understand what the words mean and come up with a cohesive response. On other related news about business please visit Fudzology.

Let’s say a Tampa restaurant wants to rank well for seafood related keywords. In fact, let’s be more specific. It wants to rank for “conch fritters in Tampa“.  That would likely be a search term someone who is hungry for the famous fried shellfish snack might type into Google as a search when they are either in Tampa or headed to Tampa. This Top SEO Professional can help you out bigtime with your websites ranking.

What would a restaurant need to do to rank well for this term under the new semantic SEO rules. By the way do you have any idea How to Choose an SEO Consultant or SEO Expert in Brisbane? if none, look for to watch the video about the difference between a SEO consultant and a SEO expert.

3 Reasons to Add Direct Mail to Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Direct MailDuring a time in history where most organizations have shifted their focus to digital marketing efforts, the use of traditional methods have started to decline. One marketing method that has declined in volume is direct mail. In 2016, 149.4 billion pieces of direct mail were sent to consumers, which was less than in recent years. Despite fewer items of direct mail being sent out, the rumor that it is no longer an effective strategy has been proven to be false. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, “customer response rates [have] increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%.” With digital marketing capturing the focus of so many business owners, it pays to re-assess the value of direct mail.

Not totally convinced that digital marketing and direct mail can co-exist? Here are three solid reasons to add direct mail to your marketing efforts. When you need the most comprehensive and flexible application with out-of-the-box functionality to fully comply with current and future legislative requirements for global compliance, visit regulatory compliance software to learn more.

Digital marketing doesn’t reach everyone

If you’ve been considering working with a direct mail agency, there are strong reasons for you to do so. Even though companies now have the power to send their messages to people across the globe through email or social media, they cannot reach everyone. Why? Access to the internet and to email still remains a challenge for certain individuals. Senior individuals, for example, can not easily be reached through social media platforms, and through other forms of digital communication. While more seniors are using the internet than ever before, they are not as likely to shop online or respond to special email offers/marketing campaigns. Direct mail creates the opportunity to reach all individuals, including ones that your digital campaigns cannot.

Provides a great way to follow up after digital marketing campaigns

Direct mail is an excellent tool to use to support your digital marketing campaigns. After sending emails to your audience, you can follow up with them using a catalog, flyer, or other piece of mail to help remind them of your special promotions and offers. Reaching out to your audience through multiple marketing methods can help reinforce your message, and keep your brand top of mind.

Adds a level of trust and credibility

For the more skeptical members of your audience, adding direct mail is an exceptional way to enhance your organization’s credibility and to build trust. In a world full of online scams and people posing as real organizations, having a tangible piece of material with complete contact information helps provide people with a trustworthy way to interact with your company.

Blending digital marketing and direct mail

To stay connected with your audience, having a solid marketing strategy is essential. Your company does not have to make a decision between digital marketing and traditional marketing methods (such as direct mail). Instead, creating a healthy blend of the two can help you reach more people, easily follow up with your audience, and build credibility.

Learn what content ranks well on Google and Bing

What content ranks well on search engines?
What content ranks well on search engines?

Search engines like Google and Bing love good content that is helpful and useful to people. If you produce it, your site will rank well. But here are some tips on what content ranks well:

  1. Detailed unique content that best answers the keywords typed in by a searcher.
  2. Longer quality content with word counts of over 1000 words will rank (as a rule) over shorter content. That said shorter content will also rank if it gives a great answer.
  3. Unique content not found anywhere else. Copying existing content that everyone has won’t attract better rankings. But if you create content that no one else has created or produced it in a way that is unique and useful then it will rank better.
  4. Good content will be linked to by other sites which give it credibility so this is a huge factor in the validation of good content.
  5. Content with mixed media types also ranks well, so ensure you include when available related videos, image galleries, audio embeds, related social media content (ie dynamically show the latest or best tweets or posts about the topic.
  6. Content that is written in good English (or your language). Spelling and grammar also count.
  7. And this is the best advice that produces solid ranks that we have discovered in our SEO practice, above all: **Create clusters of related content.** For example, if you produce content about the best dog food, then a cluster of content that answers these related questions search engines will define it as content that ranks well and promote it accordingly:
  • Which brand of dog food is most healthy for your dog
  • What is dog food made of?
  • The difference between vet-sold dog food and grocery store dog food?
  • What is the price range of dog food
  • Dog food brands and types ranked
  • What is limited ingredient dog food?
  • Reviews of all the top brands of dog food
  • What dog food do you give a puppy vs. an adult dog

As you can see in the tip above, this demonstrates a solid understand of the topic. It also demonstrates your site’s expertise on the topic and is likely unique relative to your competitors.

Content types that rank well on search engines

Here is a list of content types that also rank well on search engines.

Comparative lists:

Content that means a list that explains or compares thing and how they rank against each other.

This vs. that reviews

Comparative reviews tend to do very well then they are unique.

In-depth examination of a topic

Go long and deep and provide all the answers in one long helpful article.

Related videos in a cluster

Create content focused on embedded video that explains a common or related topic

How to content

How to content is the king of web content. If it answers a question or shows you how, then it stands a good chance of ranking well as most people go looking for that kind of content to solve their problems.

Related to the topic” What content ranks well”, see also:

Intro to URL shorteners

URL shortenersSometimes you just need a shorter web address also known as a URL. So this is an intro to URL shorteners.

These are useful to share long addresses in email and social media. This especially true where sharing URLs on Twitter where a tweet is limited to 140 characters. I also use shortened addresses when sharing Google Maps URLs and Amazon addresses. That’s why I like to use any one of the following four shortcut services.

The web address shortener offers a lots of cool features. It tracks clicks to each shortened URL. And, you can assign titles and tags to help manage them. Here is what a link to the Famous Quotes site looks like using the service. I also like that it is SEO friendly and since the site has a high domain authority that is handy to improve backlinks when you use it to point to a website of your choice. was the original web address shortener. The site is a bit old and tired. Still, it is quick to use and a wonderful free service. No SEO benefit to using this one though. Here what the site looks like when you shorten one of its longer addresses with

Google also got into the web address shortener game. Its service can track clicks. This data is public and is easy to access. Here is a page from the website shortened with URL shortener.

Custom URL shorteners

Finally, if you want to use your own web domain as a shortener, then can register our own shorter address at and use the company’s built in address shortening builder for free.

For example, here at Cyberwalker we registered at Hover and so we have a series of short addresses used with it. For example this address points to one of our client’s New York City location sites which has a long address of

The service is available for any domain registered with Hover. And is accessible from the control panel where you manage or domains. Get $2 off our first domain with Hover using this link: