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Andy Walker is CEO and Senior Strategist at Cyberwalker Digital. He is the author of five books and is a well known technology expert. Andy is a former G4TechTV host and currently appears in the media as a commentator of the Internet and all thing technology. He is co-authoring the book "Super You: How technology is revolutionizing what it means to be human" with CWD's Kay Svela.

The importance of a responsive website

Whatever line of business that you are in, it is probably a competitive market out there. If yoresponsive web designu need to invest heavily in your marketing strategy to get good levels of return, then you will find this infographic very interesting. Titled: “The Importance of a Responsive Website”, the infographic provides a number of stats that may surprise you.

For instance, the fact that 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile friendly site, they are more likely to buy a site’s product or service. So you can see that the user experience is really important in winning more business. Another key factor in providing a high quality user experience is having a website hosting company that provides good levels of performance, such as page loading.

The number of people that access the web through mobiles is increasing and will probably continue to grow for some time. As smartphones are becoming more popular, the 55% of web traffic that is represented by mobile users will grow further, so it really is vital that any business works around this principle.

No website, no business – this is something you have probably heard of many times. No matter if your business is small, big or if you just have an idea for a startup, your online presence will be of utmost importance for the development of your business. Web design services run by tanner grey provides quality web design services for Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. His firm is committed to excellence from the design stage all the way to deployment of digital assets.

So having a responsive website is a big factor in this, as is having responsive email templates and content that can be easily viewed via mobile. This is another reason that video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Video is really easy to view from a smartphone and a business can use video to sell their key features in a quick burst. These are all of the things that you should be looking into to keep your website users happy and engaged and more likely to do business with you.

In recent years, there has been a surge in accessing the internet through a mobile.

The more traditional method of using a desktop has been replaced as the number one device, with 55% of web traffic now being accounted for by mobile users. Now the impact of this if you’re a business owner is that you need to ensure your online marketing is geared up for optimum experience for the larger majority. In other words, you need to make sure that your website and any content is mobile friendly.

Backlink secrets demystified – Why backlink strategy matters

Backlink secrets demystified | SEO backlink strategy

You probably know that creating backlinks for your website is really difficult, boring and time consuming. And yet SEO backlink strategy is the most important task you can do when growing organic traffic with search optimization.

It’s almost impossible (remember I said “almost”) to rank well in Google without a decent volume of backlinks to any given web page. (You can rank without backlinks on low volume keywords however.)

But any search keywords that have any kind of real traffic volume are likely to be competitive. So, you’ll need to build backlinks to rank well against your competitors.


That is because a backlink is a vote of confidence as far as Google goes. A webpage with a lot of backlinks gets a lot of votes, and so it gets driven up the search results.

If you analyze any of your website’s competition in the search results you will notice that in most cases, a site ranks higher than yours because it has more backlinks.

In rare cases, it could have fewer and that is only because the backlinks are going from websites that have more Domain Authority or Page Authority.

You can calculate a page’s DA or PA by using either or our favorite here at Cyberwalker Digital a site called


The DA and PA values at are a score from 0 to 100 that tell you how trusted the site and page are. This correlates to how much traffic they get and how trusted – or “authoritative” – they are.

So has a DA of 87

While the Los Angeles used bookstore has a DA of 41.

If one linked to your website and the other linked to your competitor who would benefit most?

The link. Why? Because the backlink is from a site and webpage that has more authority.

There are two more things you need to know about backlinks when you go hunting for them.

There are two more things you need to know about building backlinks when you go hunting for them.


1) A backlink’s value is amplified if it originates on a site and page that has similar topical content to its target site.

2) The page authority (PA) is as important if not more important than the domain authority (DA).

The first point is pretty self explanatory. A link from a industrial car parts manufacturing page to a knitting blog is going to be suspect as far as credibility goes. However, a link from (a knitting supplies manufacturer) with a DA of 53 to a knitting blog is going to be really credible and will boost the knitting blog’s authority.

When you pursue backlinks ensure that the page content and site category you get the backlink from is relatively consistent with the page you are optimizing for better ranking. A B2B site should be used for a B2B site. A fashion site or at least consumer trends site should be used to enhance a clothing store. You get the idea.

To the second point, you will want to test the page authority as well as domain authority of the page you are backlinking from. Use a tool like Open Site Explorer from or our preference the Page Explorer tool at

Pick one then there use it to evaluate the site and specific page you are trying to rank and also the site and page you are trying to get a backlink on.

As an aside the homepage of any site has both a PA and DA.

Here is an example using our two pages on our agency site using (homepage) – DA: 48 PA: 37 – DA: 48 – PA 8

Notice that a backlink from our homepage would impart much more authority than a backlink from the page (ironically) about backlink authority. That is because many more sites link to’s homepage so its page authority is killer high.


In the meantime, if you want to get an easy SEO backlink strategy win for your web site and get a backlink from this ( site (DA48), simply click here.

How to build backlinks with a press release

build backlinks with a press releaseLearning to build backlinks with a press release should be key to your SEO strategy. Media sites are notoriously high authority in the SEO world. It makes sense because people go to them for information and news. They also move a lot of content daily. Often multiple times per day on a variety of topics that matter to people that visit them. So Google scores them high.

Is it any wonder that the following famous media outlet websites have very high authority. Here’s a brief list with media site authority values: – PA (homepage): 38 | DA: 82 – PA (homepage): 35 | DA: 79 – PA (homepage): 83 | DA: 80 – PA (homepage): 22 | DA: 75 – PA (homepage): 29 | DA: 75 – PA (homepage): 33 | DA: 80

DA = Domain Authority – A ranking of website authority on a scale from 0 to 100.
PA = Page Authority – A ranking of a specific page on a website that is a measure of its authority on a scale from 0 to 100.

Getting a link on these websites would give your site a crazy big authority boost. Now, that is not always easy. You have to be newsworthy. So if you are optimizing a local plumbing site it may seem unreachable. (Though hint: It’s not.)

You see you can get on to top media websites through bloggers that post on some of them. and specifically. (If interested, contact us and we can usually get your link on either site through some connections. However, blogger outreach on high-authority media websites can be expensive.)

Nevertheless, you can do just as well getting on high authority media sites that are lesser known but have DA ratings of 30, 40 and 50. What if I told you if you spent $350 to $750 you could end up on 3 to 20 sites? Like these:

Here is how:

Put together a press release and contact one of the PR newswire services like, or there are a number of other services.

How to get SEO authority from a Press Release

Here’s how to build backlinks with a press release – our step by step guide:

1) You write 500 words about something of interest about your business or what your business offers or sells. It should be interesting, unusual or newsy.

2) Link to your website in the press release. Use the keywords you want to optimize for. So if you want to rank on Google for best plumber in Houston, then in the 2nd or third paragraph on the 500 word release you might write this:

“For some customers, Heaton Plumbers is considered the best plumber in Houston

The link would go to a page on your plumbing site that you are being optimizing for the keyword phrase best plumber in Houston.

3) You submit it to a news release distribution service. Ensure they guarantee that you will get posted on a few sites whether the media shows interest in your press release or not. (Some will put you on their site as well as sites like Yahoo News.)

4) If you get press attention great. But that is not the point. You want your release (and backlink) posted to a high authority media web site.

Google will eventually index the press release (can take 30 to 90 days) and you should see new backlinks to your site. The site will begin to rise in the Google results for the keyword you have optimized for.

This can be hit and miss, plus a fair amount of work.

If you want more certainty, book our SEO PR service. We’ll write the press release, get you on a service help you choose the right keywords and webpage to link to. We can get you on a minimum of 5 authority media sites with a DA of 20 to 60. The last release we did got on 24 media sites with a DA range of 27 to 61 – including 7 that have a DA of at least 60.  See image below.

Questions about this? Contact us.

What is Leadpages?

 9 ways you can use the landing page tool to grow your online business

I thought was cool recently when in the same week I got two calls from two of our clients with three days asking – Hey Andy, What is LeadPages? What is LeadPages? It's a tool to get leads from the webIn both cases the clients were looking to grow their online businesses. Coordinating with SEO services like Sage Mauk Brooklyn SEO is one way to help your business grow by taking full advantage of Google Traffic. They had discovered that it was hard to change and customize landing pages for their web sites when driving traffic to a particular page. One client had concluded they needed a landing page tool and let to the question – What is leadpages used for? I came across it and I am wondering if it is what is need?

The other client had heard it mentioned by a family member and was wondering if they needed it sight unseen.

In both cases I heartily recommended it because they both were driving traffic through  ads. One client has a food business and was getting good traffic by ad placement on a niche food blogger. The other one was buying Facebook ads for its industrial products  Shopify store.

The landing page tool that’s ‘waaaaay’ better

When I discovered LeadPages I had already tried a competitor and saw the value of creating landing pages for our company’s various online initiatives, but a colleague told me to dump the tool I was using in favor of LeadPages because it was “waaaaay” better. I am not ordinarily swayed by such surfer dude endorsements, but this guy is pretty successful in digital marketing so I usually follow his lead on such things.

And in turn this is my invitation to you to try it out and see what it can do for your business.

What is LeadPages?

Let’s start with a definition. LeadPages is an online tool used to capture email subscribers. That is the primary function of the landing page tool. It is a templated and hosted tool that you can use to give away lead magnets, register people into webinars, and design landing pages to drive people into your email list.

LeadPages also offers templates for things like squeeze pages, video landing pages, sales pages and thank you pages. We use it every day at Cyberwalker Digital in the digital marketing work we do.

LeadPages landing pages examples
Examples of some landing pages that can be created with LeadPages

What LeadPages is NOT

LeadPages isn’t an email marketing platform that you use to send emails from (although the company does offer a platform called Drip which does that and works with LeadPages).

If you use Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, Aweber or MailChimp then LeadPages can be used for – actually integrated – with these platforms to help you grow your email list on these sites so you get more subscribers.

LeadPages they offers dozens of templates to help you create high-converting landing pages and allows you to easily send lead magnets to your subscribers. What else can LeadPages do? We let’s review what the landing page tool can do and how it can help your business grow.

What is LeadPages used for?

LeadPages has a ton of great features, so lets examine it key features for online business owners, and content marketers who are considering buying a LeadPages subscription.

1. Send Lead Magnets

lead magnet
Example of a Leadpages lead magnet landing page

A lead magnet is a digital giveaway like an ebook, video, coupon or seminar access that can be emailed to a subscriber once they sign up for your email list.

Some people call this process a bribe. But I like to think of it as a trade. Something like: I’ll give you this cool free thing if you give me your email address and agree to let me email you on a fairly regular basis, with the agreement that you can unsubscribe at any time and that I won’t send you anything that is spammy or sell your address to a third party.

LeadPages makes it easy to store and send a lead magnet when someone signs up on your Leadpages subscriber box or the opt-in box on a landing page. See a lead magnet page example here. You can also use your own email platform to send a lead magnet. You don’t have to use LeadPages feature to do this.

2. Create a Sales Page

When you are selling a product online you will always want to design a lengthy sales page to provide the product benefits and answer the prospective buyer’s questions, dispel their doubts and drive them to a registration pages where you close the deal and transact the sale. LeadPages makes this easy to do with its 350+ templates that can be customized to your content, you brand, your content and drive to your shopping cart.

What is leadpages used for3. Design a Squeeze Page

Sometimes you want to drive a prospective customer toward a single act, usually to register or sign-up or possibly to buy something. For this you’ll need a squeeze page. It’s a simple page that provides content of some kind and issues a call to action.So what is Leadpages squeeze page capability?  Squeeze pages are easy to design in LeadPages, especially if you want to use video from YouTube, Vimeo or hosted on your servers.

4. Make an Upsell Thank You Page

One of my favorite tactics in digital marketing is to offer an upsell after a subscriber has opted in. You have their attention and they are in a YES frame of mind so offering them something else on a thank you page is really effective in increasing your level of engagement. LeadPages has some great templates for this purpose where you thank the usr and direct them to their next action. This is usually driving them to either another sales or squeeze page. Or to your sales cart (in another tool – LeadPages does not provide shopping cart technology)

5. Deploy a pop-up sign-up box

LeadPages offers a version of it tool to just popu open an opt inbox on an existing content page. You set up the LeadBox to trigger when a graphic or link on a page is clicked. It works like this. Click Here.

6. Run A/B tests

When a landing page is not converting it is really handy to tweak it in different ways by changing colors, text, images and increasing or decreasing content. LeadPages let’s you test pages side by side and against each other. It serves up different versions to your site visitors and collects conversion data so you can see which version of your landing pages is more effective at driving them to action.

7. Seamless email platform integration

We use Infusionsoft as our primary email marketing platform so it is important that it can integrate with any marketing tool we use. The good news is LeadPages integrates well with Infusionsoft as well as pretty much every dominant email platform available today. That includes:

  1. Infusionsoft (as mentioned)
  2. MailChimp
  3. Aweber
  4. Constant Contact
  5. GetResponse
  6. Marketo
  7. Drip (An email automation software owned by LeadPages)

8. Hosted Video Pages

We develop a  lot of courses at Cyberwalker Digital, and it’s very handy to offer some of our content for free  as we promote the course. LeadPages lets you easily create video pages with call to actions. 9. Integrate Shopify buttons to create an enhanced sales page

Using Shopify button code you can build LeadPages that drive to a Shopify product page. This is really handy if you want to design a more robust product sales page and drive drive traffic directly to Shopify’s checkout cart.

What is LeadPages 2.0?

Recently LeadPages upgraded their tools to give you more freedom to design or customize a landing page. They introduced a drag and drop tool that allows you to select page elements and drag them into position. Previous to this you were limited in drastically changing page elements. You could customize, but within a framework. So if you have been wondering what is LeadPages plan to improve their tools, well the new version of the product has just arrived. (However, the company is constantly improving the tool beyond the major revisions.)

The new system let’s you work with a page to pretty much strip it bare and start again. To change the layout. Or simply edit small details. And all without thinking about any HTML, CSS or Javascript code. It is landing page design for non-programmers.

The new version of LeadPages also let you do A/B testing not just between versions by between versions of pages that used different initial templates.

What else? I still have question about what is LeadPages used for?

You can ask us in the pop up box below. We will answer you personally via email.

Backlink authority: Why all SEO links are not created equal

Backlink authority secrets
Learn this little known SEO secret about backlinks, so you can get ranked well

It’s no secret that good content will ranked well in Google and Bing, and drive tons of valuable traffic to your website. But writing good content is not enough to win Google’s (or Bing’s) favor to attract traffic unless the content is unique, rare, authoritative and…linked. You see backlinks are critical in SEO. And backlink authority even more so.

Yes, backlink authority. Let me explain. The number of links – also called backlinks – from 3rd party websites to your website is perhaps the No. 1 signal that Google uses, and Bing uses (to a lesser extent), to rank a webpage and drive it to the top of search engine listings.

Learn this little known backlinking SEO secret

But there is a little known secret that only the most expert of SEO marketers (and some content marketers know) that makes all the difference in how a web page ranks. You can also check out online casino seo, one on the newest business strategy this year along with top slot games.

In fact, this one secret is so important that it can rank your webpage better than its competitors with fewer links, breaking the long held rules that more backlinks are better.

these bees need backlink building to stay on top of GoogleLet’s dig into that a bit more. Let’s say that a page on a website about beekeeping is very useful and has been around long enough to become linked by 20 other websites. And as a result of all these links, Google’s algorithm has rewarded the content by ranking it as the number one site for the keywords “beekeeping basics”.

But then a second site comes along and publishes a page that manages to attract backlinks from only 10 websites, and yet it grabs the number 1 spot on Google results. What happened? By any measure that seems unfair.

How did my competition outrank my site with SEO?

Now there could be any number of factors that have caused the disruption. It could be that the outranking challenger has:

  1. A faster web site.
  2. A better mobile friendly website.
  3. A secure protocol called SSL in place.
  4. Better on-page optimization for the keyword phrase “beekeeping basics”.
  5. More social likes and shares.
  6. Better, more detailed content.

All these factors play a part in webpage and website ranking, but chances are that if all these factors individually or combined haven’t caused the ranking disruption, then it can only be one core issue at play.

And that is link authority.

(And arguably backlinks and their associated authority, more often than any other measure, is the key linking factor for any well ranked website.)

You see all backlinks are not created equal. Some have more “authority” than others. So they impart to the website that they point to much more “Google Juice” than a linking site with less authority.

You see, if the New York Times publishes an article about beekeeping, and it links to the aforementioned competitor beekeeper site, that validates the site’s value to Google. That action imparts trust and authority moreso than a link from a dinky website about poetry, that was abandoned 3 years ago.

The link source matters. And there are two factors at play.

  1. The site’s authority is determined by its traffic, it’s own back-linked pages, it’s social likes and many more SEO ranking factors.
  2. The topic of the site and/or page.

In the case of #2, a beekeeping site linking to a beekeeping site will impart more authority to a linked page than, say, an unrelated knitting page linked to a beekeeping site.

Get your site ranked using this SEO backlinks building secret

So here how you can make this information actionable. And in doing so, drive your web site up Google search results to the very sought after top three slots.

  1. Discover which websites are linking to your webpage and what their authority is. The authority measure is an actual numeric ranking.  SEO tools like or can provide a score for any site or specific page. Both have very competent authority measurement tools.
  2. Use the authority tools to measure how many unique websites are linking to the competing web page, and what their authority is.
  3. Develop a campaign to encourage more high authority inbound links to your page that can rival the authority if you competitor.

This strategy may seem simple enough.  (And it really is.) Once you have completed your analysis in Steps #1 and #2, it is Step#3 where the real work starts. Backlink building, especially backlink building using high authority web sites is not always easy.

How to leverage backlink authority easily

But, let me make this easy for you. If you send me the link of a webpage on your web site that you would like to rank on the front page of Google. My SEO team and I will send you FOR FREE – a PDF report that tells you how you page ranks from a backlink authority perspective for the keywords you’d like it to rank for. And how it compares to the authority of the number 1 ranked page for those keywords. This will show you what link-building work you will need to do.


After I sent that, I will also send you our mini ebook called 10 Easy Ways to Create High Authority Backlinks. Of course, I will also tell you how we can do the backlink work for your company, when you hire us as your SEO consultant. 🙂

Related SEO topics:

Revenue boosting secrets in ecommerce

ecommerce revenue secrets

We are always hunting for new ways to optimize our clients’ online web store properties, so that they generate not only more sales, but larger average transactions. So with that I thought I’d share with you the following revenue boosting secrets for your online store.

The secrets I outline below work for all ecommerce platforms, no matter what they are, however we have found easiest implementation with two selling tools: We build all our clients stores in either Shopify or using SamCart. The former is a versatile ecommerce platform that lets you build complete stores that are highly secure and scaleable. So we start all our small clients on the platform with templated stores. We also launch our large clients on Shopify too, because it is very customizable. SamCart, meanwhile, is a shopping cart to drive direct sales, and has a wicked upsell capability.

Ok, on to our revenue boosting secrets:

1) The magic red button:

IRevenue boosting secrets in ecommercen most of the world red means stop. But we will often switch our “Buy Now”, “Checkout” or “Add to Cart” buttons to the color red (or a shade of red in same cases). We saw average uptick of 18% click rate when we did this on three different websites, and across both SamCart and Shopify. Here’s the rationale: Red is a striking color and rarely is anything on a designed page the color red. Red is an attention getting color, and people apparently love to click on red buttons. It doesn’t mean stop. It means go buy. Try it yourself. It’s a killer ecommerce hack.

2) Always Be Selling:

Secrets in ecommerce“Do you want fries with that?” is the ubiquitous question asked at McDonalds, but did you ever wonder why?

Because when people are in a buying mood they will almost always say “yes” to upsells. In fact they say yes to upsells 33% of the time, if there is a good deal to be had. That is because there is a thrill when buying and the feel good-brain chemicals keep flowing the more you keep the “buying process going. (The downside is when this subsides there can be buyer remorse when the natural high runs out, but curiously it doesn’t result too often in returns.).

3) Where the profit is:

As I said in #2, McDonald’s always asks: “Do you want fries with that?” or sometimes “Do you want to upsize that?”. Here is a second reason they do that. The item they are offering as an add-on is — get this — a massively high-margin item. There’s little profit in hamburgers, but fried potatoes? The hot little tasty savory add-on is almost all profit. So just before final checkout, ask if they want something else, and make sure it is a high-margin product for you to maximize your average checkout transaction.

4) Make your guarantee awesome and outrageous:

Money back guarantee
Make your Money Back Guarantee rock solid.

Promise the world when you sell, and promise extremely easy and flexible returns. Why would you make your life so difficult? I mean, let’s be real, returns are hassle for a vendor. They cut into your bottom line. And you work hard for the sale, why would you want to make it easy to undo it? Simple. Because you’ll sell more. Once a product is in the hands of the buyer, unless they experience extreme buyer’s remorse, they typically will not go to the trouble of returning a product. Why? Because they don’t want to tell the seller why. (It’s embarrassing for many.) It takes their time to reach out and return the product. And it’s an overall perceived hassle. So, in your pre-sell process, be sure to make it clear that returns are easy and frictionless, and that the buyer has lots of time to change their mind. That’s because the buyer will have one less excuse to not buy. If they feel good that they can change their mind after the sale, then they will more likely complete the initial transaction. AND be sure to make good on any refunds or returns. Still, more people will buy because of the great guarantee. And few will ever make the effort to return a product. The net result? More sales.

5) Keep the gravy train rolling:

keep sending offersAfter a buyer completes the transaction, be sure to send them an email immediately that adds yet another offer. Give them free shipping or a 2 for 1 deal or something else. Work to get them to come back immediately. And limit the offer to 7 days. Expire the coupon and let them know with hours to spare. Scarcity drives sales.

6) ABT – Always Build Trust:

Your store’s checkout page should have your phone number, address and testimonials. Create trust with your design and be transparent about how they can reach you. After their first purchase, tell them how special they are. Offer them hidden unpublished deals. People like to feel special and they love to be treated well. As trust develops, they will be more inclined to buy a 2nd and 3rd time. Why? Because you have proven that you keep your promises, they feel safe in doing business with you, and that will lead to more sales from them in future.

Andy Walker is a digital marketing strategist and owns the Tampa-based agency Cyberwalker Digital.

Business greeting cards: 10 reasons they help you sell better

Personal marketing cuts through B2B marketing noise

business greeting cards
Business greeting cards use P2P psychology to build B2B relationships

Being noticed in the crowded noise of B2B marketing is increasingly difficult these days.  There is the electronic noise that buyers are subject to on the Internet. There are reams of  marketing emails in their inbox begging for attention. Then there are ads on their mobile devices. Trade shows are a cacophony of distraction. And then there’s limited time to read trade magazines.  So what is a B2B marketer to do? Only one thing. Get ultra personal with business greeting cards. By the way, aside from business cards, consider the CPQ tool to enable companies to produce accurate and highly configured sales quotes for customers. If you want more details, check out this site The customer’s experience in contacting your business, communicating with sales and service professionals and getting their concerns addressed is paramount in long-term business success.

Studies show that the declining volume of traditional 1st class mail – that some call snail mail – is a new opportunity.

First class mail sent via USPS dropped 40% in 2016 from a 90-year high in 2000 of approximately 100 trillion pieces . This mail volume has shrunk to levels not seen since 1980 when approximately 60 trillion pieces of 1st class mail (excludes parcels) was handled by the USPS. (See USPS data.)

Consider this: When was the last time you went through all your mail at home and ignored a personalized card? Never, right? We are always drawn to anything that has a personal feel in the mail flow. That’s because that way of communicating has fallen out of favor with the efficiency and convenience of electronic communication.

So at the office, a personalized card or letter is even rarer. And this is the magnificent opportunity for custom business greeting cards.

What is a custom business greeting card?

A custom corporate greeting card is not your grandma’s Hallmark card. It’s a highly crafted greeting in a traditional greeting card format, with a clever seasonally relevant message that is personalized for the recipient. And that often has subtle product, brand or company messaging concealed in its content.

The card is addressed to one or more targeted individuals (using a spreadsheet) and is signed electronically, but in a stylized handwriting font, from a person that has or wants to build a relationship with the recipient.

Here is an example of a card one our custom greeting card clients sent to its customers from its sales reps in January 2017:

Happy Lunar New Year – business greeting card

See more examples of custom business greeting cards.

Here are 10 great reasons to use custom business greeting cards

  1. Technology automates personalization, yet preserves the personal feeling communicated by the card.
  2. You can subtly communicate corporate, brand and campaign messaging in  a seasonal greeting, because the cards are created specifically for you and our company.
  3. Cards cut through the traditional marketing noise in by evoking emotions in a poignant or humorous manner. They can be careful crafted by our card writers to deliver a message that is memorable and shareable.
  4. It’s P2P marketing in a B2B world, leveraging human connection and relationships.
  5. It’s an unmarketing strategy.
  6. Diminishing traditional “snail mail” flow has created an opportunity for your message to get through.
  7. Sending a card during periods when someone is not expecting a card (outside of the December greeting season) has huge impact.
  8. Using on demand printing and targeted lists from personalized senders reduces wasted pre-printed greeting card inventory.
  9. It’s significant more effective than bulk mail campaigns.
  10. It’s more cost effective than spray and pray bulk mail campaigns and costs about the same on a per card basis than if you purchased greetings from a store that sells stationery and related supplies.

How to use a bespoke business thank you cards to build connections

Once upon a time, failing to send a card after meeting in person was considered almost rude. Today it is almost never done any more. A call-out on social media or a personal email is the replacement. But it is often missed, overlooked or met with indifference by the recipient.

However, receiving a “nice to meet you” greeting card in the mail, a few days after a meeting is always a really nice touch. The best sales people use these touchpoints that foster P2P deep relationships to stand apart from their marketplace competition.

The challenge is time. Busy executives and sales rarely have time to find an envelope, dig out a generic card – or buy one from a stationery store. The era of personal secretaries or assistant is long gone, and is an asset afforded only by the most senior executives these days.

Our solution is to provide on demand greeting cards customized explicitly for your company. To send one you simply  send an email to one of our agency reps, let them know which custom card design in your company’s inventory that you would like to use. And a screen grab or photo snap of the recipient’s business card. The card is prepared from you and printed that night and mailed via 1st class mail the next day.

See examples:

Babe Ruth Nice to Meet You card

How to convert website visitors into customers with excellent content positioning

infographicNever underestimate the power of website content positioning. Experts will tell you that getting your positioning right can be the difference between generating large volumes of business and generating none at all. If your website looks attractive and professional then potential customers will be impressed but if they can’t find your products and/or services or don’t know how to contact you, there is no point in having a website. Some good examples of pages with good structure are those pages from elo boosting services for online videogames, the ones that tell you how to avoid cheap elo boosts.

Once you develop new online slots, it can be easy to think that you have done all of the hard work. You’ve created engaging videos, image banners, an excellent logo and you know it is going to look great on your website. And it no doubt will look great but if you don’t position your content correctly, it will have all been in vain.

If you’re going to go to the trouble of developing great content, make sure that you position every item in the right place for maximum effect. So for example, you need to position your call to action in a highly prominent place. This is the key feature that will be converting your visitors to customers, so it is your number one priority.

You can use this handy infographic from 25 features every online business must have in 2017, to guide you in regards to where to position all of your website’s content. From where to add your logo and tagline, to your navigation menu and what to put in your header and footer, it has everything you need to know.

If you use this as a template, you can’t go wrong with your content positioning. It can also serve as a checklist to ensure that you’ve remembered to include all of the key features that any good website should include.


What is SERPBOOK? Our favorite SEO reporting tool

Over the years we have used a lot of digital marketing tools at our agency. Find the best SEO reporting tool took time however. Some were ok. A few we found were pretty crappy. Luckily we have found one we love called SERPbook?  What is Serpbook you ask? Read on to find out.

At Kudujuce, we do a lot of SEO work for our clients around optimizing web sites and getting them ranked in Google (and Bing) search results and they like to see weekly progress as part of their spend. This gives marketing managers an easy way to share their progress with their bosses. So I am going to show you three tools we use here at Cyberwalker Digital that are our favorite SEO reporting tools that make clients really happy. Because they show progress and validate an SEO spend.

What is Serpbook? A killer SEO reporting tool

In this article we are going to look at a tool call SerpBook, an affordable SEO tracking tool:

A quick note here. We used for many years, however it did a poor job of showing keyword progress. And it was too expensive relative to what else is in the marketplace. So we dropped it and replace it with for a series of reasons you are about to see. And although our employees often say, “hey, what is serpbook?” when they join the company because it is not well known, they soon learn to love it too.

#1 – SEO Reporting Tool –

seo reports - serpbook - toolWe love SERPbook because it is easy to use, easy to setup and easy to afford. Pricing starts at only $12/mo and runs into the hundreds per month, but you’ll pay under $45/mo for the mid-tier service.

What is serpbookWhat we like about this product is a few key features:

  1. You can set it it up to track a keyword on a web site and it will find the correct page that ranks the best.
  2. It will show you progress of that keyword over time
  3. You can set it up to track results based on a local geography (town/city, state/province, country) or nationally in a country.
  4. It has an easy to read table format to show daily, weekly and monthly movements.
  5. It reports every half hour.
  6. You can send PDF or CSV reports by email to multiple people on a schedule (daily, weekly etc).
  7. It’s unbranded (ideal for agencies or companies with multiple clients).

It has a ton of other features. Check out SERPbook here.

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What is the AWS consultant hourly rate in the United States?

AWS consultant hourly ratesHourly rates vary based on expertise, experience and of course scope of a project. That said, sight unseen, you can expect to pay a junior developer in the $75 to $100 range and a senior AWS developer  in the $100-$400 range, and even more in some cases.

Here’s a breakdown of the range here at Cyberwalker Digital  if you are looking for an AWS consultant hourly rate from us, because you need an expert to work with your instance on Amazon Web Services.

We use one of our senior developers to serve our customers when they are dealing with Amazon Web Services and need high-level expert help that they can count on.

AWS consultant hourly rate scale

Here are five scenarios for our AWS consultant hourly rate. They are fairly self explanatory. Read on…

AWS emergency rate – Consulting on demand

This AWS rate gets white glove service. We work around the clock and on weekends to prioritize your job. It also get accelerated ahead of other work we have in progress, so we can resolve your AWS issue. It’s our most expensive AWS hourly rate at $250 per hour.

AWS no commitment rate – Consulting for under 5 hours

If you are new to us as a client and we haven’t worked together before, on a first project your AWS hourly rate will be $195/hour until we hit 5 hours.  This fee is paid in advanced as a deposit. This allows us both to have a minimal commitment to each other until we complete our first project together.

AWS  project rate – Consulting on a scoped project

If you have a project that is scoped by us at $5,000 or more for a variety of services we provide at our digital agency, then the AWS hourly  rate is $175/hour.

AWS priority rate – Established client

If you are a client of ours that has an established relationship with us and you have paid at least 3 monthly invoices or 4 bi-weekly invoices on time, then the AWS hour rate drops to $160 per hour.

AWS loyalty rate – Established client with $25,000 of paid invoices

If you are a client of ours that has an established relationship with us and you have spent $25,000 with us, then you get our best AWS hourly rate of $150/hour.

As you can see, loyalty and a recurring relationship pays off.  We count our loyal clients as not only our partners, but our friends. These are best relationships for both parties because you get a trusted vendor and we get a client we love to work with.

Want more info? Reach out and let’s chat…enter your message below. Or contact us here.