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Andy Walker is CEO and Senior Strategist at Cyberwalker Digital. He is the author of five books and is a well known technology expert. Andy is a former G4TechTV host and currently appears in the media as a commentator of the Internet and all thing technology. He is co-authoring the book "Super You: How technology is revolutionizing what it means to be human" with CWD's Kay Svela.

10 tips for creating content that makes money

creating content that makes moneyMost people can write. Those that do often blog on the web. But how many make money from content they produce? Not many.
Why not? Because they produce content that is plain or ordinary and can be found in a thousand other places on the web.

So how do you create a content strategy that is profitable? Drive thousands of people to it and wrap ads around it – either your own or someone else’s.

First though you’ll need to produce the content. Follow these 10 rules and you’ll be well in your way.

1) Find your expertise. Everyone is an expert in something. Whether it is raising kids, growing a vegetable garden, fixing things or running a small business. Or maybe you love dogs and are great at raising them. The first secret of good content is identifying your niche and defining it.

2) Find a Profitable Content Niche. Once you know your niche do some research and find out two things a) Is anyone else writing about it b) Are those that read that content buying things. AKA is there a market to sell to for an audience that consumes the content niche. How do you do that? Find three to five web sites that cover what your niche is and look them up on to see how their traffic ranks. A little competition will validate the opportunity. A lot of competition means there’s money to be made but it will be harder to get on top. So now what? Look at #3.

3) Choose a content sub-specialty. If you niche is saturated with content on the web, choose a sub-specialty. There are thousands of travel web sites on the web including whale watching long beach. But how many deal with luxury resorts for couples in the Caribbean? Or bed and breakfasts in Arizona? Become a specialist. People are look for specific content not general content. Give it to them and it will pay off.

4) Your opinion is not worth much. You will never make (much) money with your opinion. Opinions are a dime a dozen and unless you are a nationally recognized editorial writer or columnist, peddling your opinions will not make you much money. Opinions content is great as a value add in a post, but chose to educate and invite th ereader to make up their own mind and then offer your opinion as a primer.

5) Be fresh and original. Write great content that maybe deals with a topic others do but do it in a way no one else has. Writing a blog on accounting may be a hit if you help solve peoples accounting problems with your articles. But being a funny accountant and teaching what might otherwise be dry in an entertaining way will have you stand out. If you are not funny, then write from personal experience. Bear your soul. Few people are vulnerable when they write. if you can’t make them laugh given them an emotional experience that can take away and use for themselves. Don’t like any of that? Write great step by step how to content. How to content does EXTREMELY well on the web. If you teach with your content you’ll always make money.

6) Your headlines stink. It’s probably true. Learn to write great headlines to draw people in. Check out Huffington Post to see how headlines can pull a reader into an an otherwise workaday post. If you wrote a post on how to train your dog. The headline should not be: “How to train your dog” instead write “How to keep your dog out of the garbage” Or “How to train your dog to protect your kids (and scare their bullies)”. Help the reader visualize what they are about to learn by creating a vivid image or result with your headline. A headline is a promise of what’s to come in the article. Would you rather read an article that has the headline that says “How I taught my child to be polite” or “How I taught my son to stop picking his nose in public”?

7) Educate with your content. It takes the average person 2-4 minutes to read a blog post. Ask yourself what they are going to take away from the post that we will find valuable and that is worth their time. If you can’t answer that easily, rethink your topic, angle or approach.

8) Be a resource. If your content don’t produce a definitive answer to what the reader is seeking then provide an overview of the topic and then link to specific resources that you can send them to via links. If they always find what they are looking for in your content then they will come back.

9) Explore and innovate. Write content that takes chances. Write out of the box. Write against popular opinion. Be controversial. Do things no one else is doing. If you are going to stand out with your content you’ll have to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. Commit and produce lots of content then see #10.

10) Measure and amplify. Once you have engaged an audience with something you have written look for opportunities  to write spin offs. In 2001 I wrote a column called “How to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows”. It did 10 times the traffic that my other work produced. So I wrote a series of content on how to wipe  your hard drive clean and reinstall Windows XP, Windows Me Windows Vista and so on.  Eventually the collection of articles number in the dozens.  The content earned me $7,000 in its first year. And eventually the site did $70,000 per year. How did I know that the first post did well? I was watching the stats on my website – every day! Today I do this using Google Analytics. be sure to install it on your web site or blog.

10 SEO tips that will instantly attract more traffic to your blog or web site

Grow web trafficPeople often ask us how to increase traffic to their web site. There are three core strategies that you can go to work on: Social Media, Buy Traffic and  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I’m only going to focus on one in this post and that’s SEO.

Here’s a 15-minute tutorial that contains 10 valuable SEO tips and tricks.


There are a series of tags in the header of each page – between the tags that contain information that describes the content on the page. Script references, CSS info and other page management info goes in here too. The two tags you should focus on are the <TITLE> tag and the META DESCRIPTION tag. The TITLE tag contains the words that show up at the top of your visitors web browser. They are also an indicator on the page’s content and search engine will take their content seriously. Your page’s keywords should go in here. The META DESCRIPTION tag also describes the pages content and is used as a summary preview when the page is index by Google. Here’s the META DESCRIPTION tag used by the warehouse products client at Cyberwalker Digital.

Title Tag Example:

<title>Products for the Warehouse in Los Angeles | Southern California</title>

META Description Tag Example

<meta name="description" content="Wanna buy quality stuff for the warehouse? Items like hand pallet trucks and hand carts at great prices in the Los Angeles / Southern California area? Click here." />

2. URL aka your Web Address

When you name your page make sure your keywords are in your URL. Keywords in a URL are a great indicator of the page’s content so Google will use this as a key indictor on ranking the page. Use the key words in your <h1></h1> tags in the URL if possible.

3. <H1> and <H2> TAGS

You keywords should appear at least in one set of the headline tags on your page using the <h1></h1> tags. Be sure to use <h2></h2> subheads through the article too and sprinkle related keywords in these.


Images are crucial to your SEO efforts. Not because search engines can see them. Instead they look at the “ALT” tag description of the image. Be sure this is added to any images your place on a page. The key words you are optimizing for should appear in this tag.

<img src="seo-book-cover.jpg" alt="A guide to SEO tips and tricks" />


Your keywords should appear three to four times through out the body text on a page. Feel free to use synomyms as well as the search engines are smart enough these days to make note of these. Use this Keyword Density tool to ensure the density of your keywords is done properly. Note that too many repeated keywords can have your page penalized by Google.

5. The dangers of Javascript, Flash and other next text data

Search engines are great and reading text and cannot watch movies, view pictures or view Flash animation or other non text data. They are also not every good are interpreting programming code (such as some Javascript that generates dropdown menus). So it is important to build you pages in a way that contains lots of descriptive text and straight HTML links. See how you page is viewed by Search engine crawlers using this tool. If not much relevant text shows up then rethink your page’s code and simply to basic HTML. For example use CSS generated menus instead of Javascript created menus.

6. SiteMap

A sitemap is a web page that includes links to all the pages on your site that you want indexed. If you use Javascript menus then this is a good way to educate a Search Engine on what links to look at. Your sitemap can be generated by a tool in your content management system. I use the auto generated sitemap in the plug-in SEO All in One Pro. Be sure to submit this to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. You should also link the site map in the footer of your homepage.

7. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

Be sure to register your site with Google Webmaster Tools  and Bing Webmaster Tools. This gives you the ability to submit sitemaps to Google and Bing and monitor the health of your site and track traffic data. When paired with Google Analytics this is a powerful free resource that all webmasters should use to help them develop their site and traffic.

8. The Importance of  ‘In’ Links

I’ll write an article separately on this topic, because links from other sites into your site are critical. And as or more important as optimize your pages with keywords. Links in tell Google an other search engines that your site matters and that it has something important to say. Think of it this way – if one person recommends a movie you might go. If 100 recommend it you will likely see it. This is how Google evaluates the importance of your site. Find out how many links in there are on your site use either or

9. Monitoring Your SEO Progress

One of the best tools to monitor your progress and help you see improvements in your SEO efforts is See a picture of my Moz campaigns for my client Halton Container. The tool has a monthly fee attached but it will generate that money back with the traffic it will bring to your site.

10. Use Natural Language

It would be easy to optimize a page for search engines if you followed all the rules. The problem is your webpage would be unreadable for humans. So the Art of SEO is to follow the rules and still make the content readable and enjoyable – after all that’s the point in the first place.

Why giving away free stuff works in digital marketing

FreeThere is one strategy that you can put into place in your email marketing practices that will super charge your results.

Just one simple thing.

Most people believe it can’t be so simple. And when you read the answer below it may seem counter intuitive. And you might even resist putting it into practice because you might believe it can’t possibly be true.

So what could possibly be so effective and so simple?

Here it is…

Give your best stuff away.

Really? Am I nuts???

Yes, give your best stuff away.

Whatever you offer that has value to your subscribers. The core of your expertise.  Give. It. Away. FOR FREE.

So why on earth would you do that?

There are a few critical reasons.

1) People get A LOT of emails, so you have to give them a reason to open your emails

Think about your inbox. Which emails do you open? The ones that give you value. That fulfil a need. Make you laugh. Give you a deal. Provide you with info you need. You don’t open the hard sell emails. You don’t open ads. You don’t open dry boring material.

2) I said your best stuff, not all your stuff. 

Anything you are selling or providing to a subscriber is a package deal usually. A series of information. So when i say give away your best stuff. Give access to the most exciting 3-4 minuet video you have made. Demonstrate how amazing your stuff is. Talk about what’s in it then give it away, then debrief it. Then tell them about the more stuff. Give away the icing and get them to dream about the cake.

3) After your freebie, not everyone will buy, but many will and they will be hungry 

The best stuff positions you as an expert. It makes people think you and your expertise are awesome. It should make them feel like they have been given gold. And some of them will be willing to pay for more.  (The ones that don’t are not ready or willing, but they may be in future) And let’s face it the freebie really is part of a bigger bundle. And your ability to demystify that big ball of expertise is what you are selling in the end. You are building credibility

4) Giving away awesome builds your brand

Even if someone consumes your best stuff and does not buy what you offer later, it’s ok because they consume and get value from the freebie and are left wanting something more but may not engage in the offer that comes later for a variety of reasons. They don’t need it now. They can’t afford it now. They don’t see the whole grand offering as necessary, but they are curious. Giving away great stuff builds a perception you are good and leaves them wanting more of that. They might even refer you to someone that will also consume the best giveaway who will buy.



Expert Infusionsoft Consultant in Toronto, Ontario

Here are 11 reasons why you should call Cyberwalker Digital’s expert consultants to help you deploy your InfusionSoft campaigns and help you earn great revenue in the process.

1) We can make InfusionSoft do back flips

2) If you are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we’ll come see you.

3) We not only deploy your campaign we’ll also train you or your staff on best practices.

4) We understand the psychology of email marketing not just the technical mechanics.

5) We are masters at email content – our open rates run 40% to 50%.

6) We’re Canadian!

7) We partner with our clients to share the revenue. We earn when you do!

8) We know how to integrate InfusionSoft with 3rd party systems

9) We get results!

10) When we get to know you, we’ll bring you a key lime margarita pie!

11) We can count to 11!


How to grow your web traffic to 1,000 visits or more per day

How to grow web traffic | cyberwalker.comIf you can create a web site that attracts 1,000 people per day or more and you employ a savvy email capture program and start to build a relationship with these people, you can start to make very income. But how do you grow a site to 1,000 visitors per day?

1) Create hard to find content and do it better than anyone else.

2) Become a topic expert and publish information on your area of expertise three times a week (or preferably daily)

3) Get other web sites to link to yours (Google will notice and rank you better)

4) Write your posts that optimize for keyword phrases that people are looking for…put these keywords in the headline, body text (first 100 words on the page), page title, meta description and in the alt on at least one image.

5) Make alliances with similar web sites and point you readers at their content. Ask them to reciprocate.

6) Create a Facebook page about your site and share you site posts.

7) Create a Twitter account and share your blog posts.

8) Track your social media relevance at

9) Register for Pinterest and share related photos to your content

10) Create video content related to your area of speciality and create a YouTube channel.



What is Infusionsoft?

What is Infusionsoft?InfusionSoft is a powerful web-based tool that helps you automate your sales and marketing processes. It is composed of three core features.

1) A Customer Releationship Management (CRM) tool that let’s store and track your customers’ interactions with you web site, brand and products.

2) A Campaign builder that let’s you communicate using a schedule-able time line. Send emails, build forms or trigger actions to help move them toward a sale.

3) A powerful ecommerce platform used to sell products and services online, including digital downloads.

4) The preferred tool used by the most successful email marketers.

5) A way to track people’s behaviour when they interact with your brand

6) A tool that tells you when some is ready to buy.

7) An amazing drag and drop tool that does not require a programmer to get started

8) A tool that pays its fee back many times over when you deploy the correct strategies which you can learn from us

How to inspire people to buy from your email list with these counter-intuitive secrets

Ever wonder how successful web site owners seem to magically make money fall out of their web sites? Especially the webmasters who don’t seem to have a ton of traffic? Here are the web secrets of the best email marketers.

1. Give away your best stuff to people on your list. It’s counter-intuitive but people crave “free” and if they get massive value then they will stay subscribed and seriously consider what you offer.

2. Make your readers feel like they are insiders. Create feeling of intimacy and belongingness by sharing as if you are their friend. Provide them with content that not everyone else gets and let them know.

3. Create scarcity. People want something more if it is rare and hard to get. Create scarcity with your content. Make people work to get the good stuff. Reward them for engaging with it.

4. Offer an opportunity to purchase only when you are confident that people love what you provide and are craving more.

5. Be committed to learning. We can’t teach you unless you have a fierce desire to learn. We consider ourselves voracious learners even though we have expertise – because we have expertise. Invest in learning and you’ll achieve your goals.

6. Test for behaviour. Offer links, surveys, and ask for input. Watch who engages and score them. How? (See #7.)

7. Use a tool like InfusionSoft to automate the distribution of your content and to capture behaviours so you can target people who are ready to buy.

How to make money with email lists

People often ask us – how do you make money with an email list?

All you need is

1) A thousand or so visitors to your site daily (how do I get there?)

2) Something to sell, preferrably digital

Internet audiences are more inclined than ever to buy digital goods. That includes web subscriptions, ebooks, software downloads, webinar tickets, web tools and more.

Leveraging this traffic by engaging them to register for your email list is all it will take to generate a valuable list of people who will buy from your business.


Here’s our Top 8 Tips list:

1) Give your site visitors massive value (ebook, video, hard to find tips or tricks, copouns) if they register to receive your emails

2) Communicate with them regularly.

3) Communciate in a personable and helpful tone (don’t use a dry business voice).

4) Send them valuable content that they cannot get anywhere on the web.

5) Give lots of great content and sell to them rarely and only when you know they are ready to buy.

6) Treat them like gold and they will bring it to you.

7) Be ready with a paid digital product and design a campaign that make it irresistible (we know how!)

8) Automate your marketing with a tool like InfusionSoft. (What’s that?)

Want to learn more?
Contact us at Cyberwalker Media: 416-558-9245 or [email protected]

How to make money with low traffic web sites

There’s a myth that you need a big audience to sell well on the web. That’s not true.
A few of thousand visitors your site each month is all that it will take. Leveraging this traffic by engaging them to register for your email list is all it will take to generate a valuable list of people who will buy from your business. How?

Here’s our Top 5 To Dos list:

1) Offer your visitors something of massive value (ebook, video, hard to find tips or tricks) if they register to receive your emails
2) Communicate with them consistently.
3) Send them valuable material that they cannot get anywhere else
4) Give them tons of great content and sell to them only occasionally and only when you know they are ready to buy.
5) Treat them like gold
6) Automate your marketing with a tool like InfusionSoft. (What’s that?)

Want to learn more?
Call or email us at Cyberwalker Media: 416-558-9245 or [email protected]