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How detailed niche content drives traffic

Bobcat specsIf you ever wondered what makes great content that drives good traffic and search engine love, then here’s a quick case study.

I am going to show you how to create a page that ranks well because of highly targeted niche content using these steps

  1. Provide great content on a site where not much else exists.
  2. Do it better than the competitors.
  3. Be comprehensive and provide valuable content.
  4. Offer video and downloads as well as embeds where merited.
  5. SEO it properly so it can be found

Find underserved niche topics on the web

We operate a site called which specializes in construction repair manuals. Now that may seem like an odd business for a marketing company to be in, however we are always on the lookout for underserved niche topics on the web.

This gives us a chance to hone our skills in SEM, SEO and content marketing, but also in ecommerce. We own a few of these including, which serves the forklift industry. We also run and which deals in  tropical fruit and leaves sales that has a reputation to fight cancer.

Anyway, back to WrenchIQ. On this site we did an analysis using the tool to see what works to drive traffic on this topic. We discovered the big traffic trend for people who search for construction truck specifications.

Bobcat specs are super niche

Specifically Bobcat specs. Now a Bobcat is a small 4.5-ton digger that is known as a skid-steer loader. And it turns out that thousands of people every month look at the specs of the various models. So we built a page about the various Bobcat specs, like this one which lists Bobcat 753 specs. We built images from the manuals we had. We transcribed all the key specification of the loader and we embedded a spec sheet. This provides an indepth look for anyone interested in the equipment to at a glance understand it specifications. And we do it better than any of the competitors.

This has Google raise its position to the top 10 search results (SERPs) as it is not that competitive, yet there is good traffic to be had of we rank well.

Deep dive on related topics

One site that does a very good job of creating hyperniche content is which focuses on Adult ADHD. They have great content on that topic, but they also dive into on niches of the niche. For example, take this long form article on hyperfixation or this piece on executive function disorder They constantly win front page of the search engines and often top 3 search results.

How to win search traffic with niche information on the web

So the take aways are this:

  1. Provide great content where not much else exists.
  2. Do it better than the competitors.
  3. Be comprehensive and provide valuable content.
  4. Offer video and downloads as well as embeds where merited.
  5. Be sure to do your keyword research in a tool like and ensure you optimize the onpage keywords selected.

Do this for any site and any topic and you will find you will rank better than anyone else and win the traffic you want.

The key takeaway:

Cover content no one else is doing well, do it better, and serve the audience that seeks it. They will come, because Google will send them.

Andy Walker is chief strategist for Cyberwalker Digital. Reach him at [email protected].

Article subheads create readability – and an SEO boost

shutterstock_146958269Break up long articles with subheads. Visitors will linger longer on your web site if a long article does not look so daunting to read. There should be a perception that they will be able to get through it quickly so ready 5 x 300 word chunks appears to register easier on the human brand than 1500 words all in one go.

Adding images and subheads makes an article visually appealing and easier to read. People linger on these pages longer.

PLUS the SEO Secret to Subheads

The other tactic you should know about subheads is that using the <H3> HTML tag or the <H2> HTML tag tells Google that the subheads help describe what the page is about. So when it is scanned by the Google bot the words in the subhead are noted. If you are trying to get the page ranked for “best dog food” then these subheads should reinforce the topic by using similar words like “kibble” and “dog chow”.

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Calculators are content that drives mega traffic

Calculators are content that drives mega trafficInteractive calculators and tools can go a long way
to attract people that are looking for help with a particular problem. Cooking sites, for example, can offer metric conversion calculators. Banks can offer quick loans no guarantor, financial calculators and industrial companies can offer calculators related to their niche operations.

We built these materials handling calculators  for a client and the pages are top traffic generating pages receiving visitors for related sites and search engines.

Why do calculators drive traffic?

Why does anyone visit a web page? Because its useful.  Calculators solve problems instantly for people and so they return to them often and that repeat traffic is extremely valuable. IF you have the ability to build a web calculator on your content oriented site, then invest in it. It will require the help of a web developer, but its content that will return dividends again and again.

Content that asks if the reader made a mistake

Content that asks if the reader made a mistakePeople are terrified of making mistakes, so be sure to produce content that asks if the reader made a mistake. This content can be very viral. Everybody wants to know what they are doing wrong, or validate what they are doing right.  Spell out the mistake such as – Did you fail to deploy this one easy traffic attracting strategy that most people miss?  These kinds of articles are what’s called link bait that everyone loves to click on.

Why “mistake” content can go viral

People are afraid of missing out on something that they should have known. Or could have easily done. There’s a fear that everyone knows something that they don’t, so when a headline with this kind of content pops up people check in to make sure they are up to speed. It comes from the innate desire to survive. And when there’s an apparent threat (to your competency, for example) you act quickly to fill the hole. The only problem a lot of people use it to mis-direct web visitors. They make it sound like a concern and then get the click only to reveal its not such a big deal. This  trains web visitor to be less responsive to this five -alarm content so be sure if you use this tactic that what you reveal as a solution to the mistake has great value.


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Produce evidence-based content, and be seen as an expert

Produce evidence-based content, and be seen as an expertProduce evidence-based content. That’s where you write articles that include information you have discovered about issues that matter to your constituent audience. People love stats and measurement when it relates to things they care about. Give them proof that they can use with other people to demonstrate a point.

Why evidence-based content works

You provide value to some who is trying to prove a point in their own life – usually around work. when you can provide statistics it can help someone ground an argument in fact that can be pointed at. And notice you are helping someone with their content or business. That makes you a useful source and useful source are considered experts and considered valuable. That breeds trust and trust needs to be present for a sale to occur. People buy from people and organizations they trust.

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Your opinion posts are mostly useless in content marketing

Your opinion posts are mostly useless in content marketingBe sparing about opinion-based content. Typically nobody cares about your published opinion unless it’s about major issues impacting your customers and industry…and it offers a solution that is verifiable.

Most of the time your opinion laid out like a blog post will either infuriate a potential customer – or more likely bore them. Everyone has an opinion. Why is yours more important than others? A consumer that reads your opinion will not likely drive a sale. Except…

The Two Exceptions to the Rule

Of course there are exceptions to this rule.

Exception 1) If you are a somebody then your opinion may count. When Barack Obama has an opinion people listen. When Warren Buffet has an opinion people listen. If you are the president of an association or a leader among a large group of people or a newspaper editor, your opinion may matter. And it might drive popular opinion. Hollywood stars have this kind of clout.

Exception 2) If you produce comparative content, like a review that compares three products or summarizes a product category then your opinion has value. But only as a service to provide contrasting information that helps a person make a buying choice.

Otherwise, keep your opinion to yourself in content marketing. Nobody cares what you think. The irony is the people that ignore this tip will write their opinion anyway. And their mom, their spouse and a guy that clicks on it by accident will see it.  And it will be lost in the depths of the Internet.

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Why “how to” content attracts the most attention on the web

Why “how to” content attracts the most attention on the web
“How to” content attracts the most attention on the web. Write a lot of it, especially around issues your potential customers are dealing with. Give them actionable information and step by step advice where possible.  Write the painful details and second guess where they will get stuck and over explain the answer. Show pictures where possible to illustrate the solution.

Why does “how-to” content work in content marketing?

People are looking to solve problems and to educate themselves. If you provide them with step by step information that helps them resolve an issue that they are struggling with then you are going to become valuable to them and they will return. Over time your expertise will become invaluable and they will return again and again. This breeds trust in your and your brand. And it will eventually lead to a sale.