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Websites for cosmetic surgeons: Advice from digital experts

If you want to run a successful cosmetic surgery practice and win the majority of the local business, a strong web site is crucial.

At CWD, we don’t say this is true of all businesses. We’ve worked for clients in other industries who’ve been quite successful generating leads with a content-rich site that wasn’t so pretty. But for cosmetic surgeons – doctors in the business of aesthetics -having a great web site will help you build credibility.

As a cosmetic surgeon, you should have a site that is both visually appealing and has informative content. These two elements will help you maximize the leads you generate from the web.

Having a strong web site, that is updated weekly with informative content, and SEO’d so people can find you, is one of the easiest ways to grow your business. It also requires only an upfront investment and then minimal effort each week to keep it running.

Websites for cosmetic surgeons: Advice from digital experts

Websites for cosmetic surgeons: Advice from digital experts

Many patients begin their search for a cosmetic surgeon on the web. To find an area surgeon, they’ll do a local search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, using keyword phrases like “Cosmetic surgeon in Tampa” to find you.

Here is what you should know about the typical patient who finds you from a web search:

#1They won’t even look at your site if it’s not on the first page of search rankings. Most of the time, the person will only evaluate cosmetic surgeons who appear on the first page of Google. Quite often they only look at the first five sites that appear in the search rankings.

If your site appears at the top of search engine ranking , it’s immediate validation for your business. It means that:

  1. People can find you easily, because
  2. Lots of people visit your site, and
  3. You are popular
  4. Since, you’re so popular you’re probably a good surgeon. It’s likely they will reach out to you for an initial consultation.

If you do a search right now  using keywords you think potential patients would use to find you and your site does not appear at the top of the list, you need to SEO your site.

SEO is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. At CWD, 70% of the business we generate are people who find us on the web (because we have SEO’d to ensure they find us). They call us. We don’t have to go hunting for them.

#2 – If your site appears on the first page of search results there two things  you need to make sure you have in place, so you can stand out from the competition. If you do happen to appear in the top 1-5 rankings (or at least on the first page) chances are you will beat out the competition if you have:

  1. A visually appealing site
  2. A site with great content that is updated regularly

What’s important to consider, is that in most cases a nice looking site with informative content that is updated regularly will do better than an extremely fancy site with minimal content.

#3 – For a cosmetic surgeon, a highly informative content-centric site is essential. Potential clients don’t know about your field. So, it’s important that you do a good job to share your knowledge with them in an easy-to-understand manner.

A content-centric site sends these messages to a potential patient of yours:

  1. You are an expert in your field
  2. You are trustworthy
  3. You know what you are talking about
  4. Customer service and their personal experience with your business is of high importance to you

You should also include a capture box on your site. It’s a way for you to obtain the site visitor’s contact information. This way, you can reach out to them via email and build a relationship.

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4 FREE digital tools that will save you time and money

If you are busy marketing professional or an entrepreneur there are 4 FREE digital marketing tools, available online, that will make your life a lot easier.  Below, is a quick look at each one and a brief explanation of how it works.

4 FREE digital tools that will save your life:


1. Moqups:  Use to create web design blueprints and charts. It helps you to create a framework to work from. Use it as a personal guide if you are building your own site. Or, give it to your web designer so they can capture your vision. Alternately, you can use Moqups to create charts and blueprints to use with your clients.

Awesome digital tool: Snagit

2. Snagit: Opt for a free trial version or purchase Snagit for a very low price of $49.95. Snagit allows you to take pictures of your computer screen. If something on your web site doesn’t look right you can take a picture and send it to your programmer so they understand what you are seeing. You can also use this tool to crop images.  (*We used Snagit for all the images in this post) Or, use Snagit it to record videos.

Bannersnack is an incredible free web tool

3. Bannersnack: If you want to create your own advertisements for the web you can use Bannersnack. It’s easy, just drag and drop. They have existing templates that you can choose from. You can also find out which of your ads are converting by using Bannersnack for search retargeting, website retargeting and contextual targeting.

4. Canva: Want to look like you’ve hired a graphic designer? Use Canva to create free and low-cost designs for the web and print. You can create everything from images for Facebook and Twitter to giant promotional posters for print.  Drag and drop everything into existing templates so what you create looks professional. A CWD favorite.

Use Canva to create professional graphic designs

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Psychology of color and selling online

Kissmetrics released this infographic that explains how buyers online relate to color when they purchase.

Interesting takeaways:

  • 93% of buyers say visual appearance of product is key to their preference
  • 85% say color dictate why they by a specific product
  • Color increases brand recognition
  • Black markets luxury products. Orange is aggressive, red creates urgency. blue creates trust

I love the section on color and types of buyers.

Check it out – the psychology of color on a buyer

You have the ugliest web site in the world

Ugly web siteIf you are a determined web business person and you can deal with ignoring your inner perfectionist then you’ll be ok with this piece of advice.

Don’t worry about how your website looks at the beginning, just get it live.

Now many will rankle at this suggestion. We all have a need to look good. And your website is an expression of you.

So having an ugly or at least imperfect website can hurt the ego, but trust me, an ugly website is better than no website. And an ugly website with great content will be read. A pretty website with no content won’t be read.

That said the so-called brand experts will tell you this is not a good idea. But if your site doesn’t yet have a brand then who cares!

People are forgiving when you give them value in terms of a great web tool or a great content web site. So if you site is ugly but useful they will use it.

That said if you are getting growing interest in your site, you don’t want to leave it ugly for long.

We offer this advice apologetically because its advice we took from ourselves.

Take for example. (See image).

After we built the one page site to get live, we started to design a custom WordPress template to build out the site. What our webmaster put up was the ugly piece of nastiness that I show here. Not his fault, it was just the template that we chose on hand that most closely represented what we wanted to build out. It’s a work in progress. If you are reading this long after we have evolved the site then you get to peer into the past as to how we put this site together. If you are reading this any time close to February 2012 then you may even be reading this post on the ugly site.

Our process here was simple. Get something up that closely resembled what we wanted so there was somewhere to put content we were creating.

Then David started to do a custom job of pulling together the look and feel of the finish first version of the site that we were working towards. So this boxy ugly template will start to improve as we evolve it. See it here:

Our webmaster will go in and customize the existing base template to our specs. To do this find a competent web developer or learn yourself. There is a handy video on YouTube here on how to edit your WordPress theme.