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How to drive digital leads to sales teams

how to drive digital leads to sales teams

Few corporate leaders know how to turn their company web site and mobile apps into a lead generation tool that drives digital leads to sales teams. Here’s a checklist to see if your company is doing what is needed to produce the leads that are there for the taking.That said, here is how to drive digital leads to sales teams:

1) Type in five terms that relate to your business that your potential customers might type into Google. Does your web site come up in the first 3 results? The first page? How far do you have to click into the results before you see your company name?

ACTION: Check if your competition is doing a better job. Audit for search engine optimization. Put in a plan.

2) Are you sending frequent emails to your customer list that has massive value? Send them helpful, expert info. Send them tips on how they can do their jobs better. Sell to them rarely and only offer exclusive, limited time offers that are available nowhere else.

ACTION: review and update your email marketing practices. Put in a strategy. Give them a way to interact with you back. Measure it all an capture real time actionable leads.

3) Is there an easy way for visitors to your website to interact with your company? A contact Us page is not enough. Are you engaging them with free reports, downloads and other assets.

ACTION: Develop an email capture program and build your list with great content.

4) Does you web site contain articles and blogs that contain “how to” content and helpful strategies and tips. Content that is useful not blatantly sales-motivated?

ACTION: You need a content library that will attract customer with problems that need to be solve with your company’s expertise.

5) Can you buy your products or services on-line? If you have products or accessories that can be sold through the web, you should be selling them online. Digital sales makes it easy for your customers to find what you are selling. A digital store can produce inbound traffic that can be closed by a live sales person. It can also take the load off sales people for the smaller commodities they sell. And it can be a good source of lead generation when a new customer buys a smaller item and can be upsold later to larger purchases.

ACTION: Ask your sales people if they are bogged down by small commodity sales. Develop a plan to sell online.

6) Is your company visible on social media? Do you know its Klout score? And is it over 50?ACTION: Use your online content to drive visibility on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Find a young staffer that knows social media and engage them. And get strategic help as needed from the outside.

7) What does your company website look like on your tablet or smartphone. Do you know that 33+ per cent of web visits come from mobile devices today?

ACTION: Do a mobile audit and get a mobile friendly version of your web site live.

8) Get strategic help. You may not have the internal expertise to do any or all of the above items. A designed strategy lead by experts is key to success. ACTION: Find an agency that does it all and start a conversation. (Hint: contact Cyberwalker Digital)

Andy Walker is a digital marketing strategist specializing in sales lead strategies using digital assets. He is based in Toronto and Tampa. Contact him here

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What is Infusionsoft?

What is Infusionsoft?InfusionSoft is a powerful web-based tool that helps you automate your sales and marketing processes. It is composed of three core features.

1) A Customer Releationship Management (CRM) tool that let’s store and track your customers’ interactions with you web site, brand and products.

2) A Campaign builder that let’s you communicate using a schedule-able time line. Send emails, build forms or trigger actions to help move them toward a sale.

3) A powerful ecommerce platform used to sell products and services online, including digital downloads.

4) The preferred tool used by the most successful email marketers.

5) A way to track people’s behaviour when they interact with your brand

6) A tool that tells you when some is ready to buy.

7) An amazing drag and drop tool that does not require a programmer to get started

8) A tool that pays its fee back many times over when you deploy the correct strategies which you can learn from us