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Shopify in Singapore

Shopify Singapore

Many entrepreneurs that want to start an ecommerce store in Singapore ask us if Shopify is the platform of choice for startups or even established companies that need a reliable ecommerce platofmr to host their store.

But there are always questions and we aim here at Cyberwalker to answer them as best we can. We are are a U.S. company that has ben working with Shopify for more than 7 years and we have a presence in Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur (WhatsApp +60-14-991-3660).

Our best advice, however is if you want to evaluate Shopify, the best way to do that is to get a free account just to experiment with the features. You can do that right here. It is the fastest way to start to see if the platform is a fit because it is a fully functional store. You don’t pay any fees for 14 days so you can try it out. Click here to get a free Shopify trial with no credit card required.

Ok, now on to the answers about Shopify in Singapore

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore.

What is Shopify
Shopify is a great ecommerce option for Singapore businesses

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore

Can I sell in Singapore dollars or so I have to use US currency in A Singapore based Shopify store?

Shopify is flexible in that it can use any one currency of dozens from around the world. You control this in the Shopify dashboard. But yes you can sell in Singapore dollars in a Shopify Store.

Shopify store currency SIngapore dollars

Can I sell in a difference currency than Singapore dollars but based my Shopify store in Singapore?

Yes you can sell in any currency you like. However you need to declare one currency for each store.

Can I sell in a multiple currencies in my Shopify store in Singapore?

While you have one currency set in the store you can install a plugin to display funds in a different currency. However the transaction will go through in your primary currency, and it will convert on the customer’s credit card.

Shopify has an advanced platform called Shopify Plus that can replicate a single site across multiple regions supporting each country’s currency natively in the store. So for example you could run,,

Is Shopify Payments available in Singapore?

Yes when you sign up for a Shopify store you can run all your transactions through Shopify Payments. No need to get a third part credit card clearing payment gateway. This is the simplest and best option.

What third party payment credit gateways can I use on Shopify in Singapore? 

If you want to use another payment gateway there are a series of options. See list below which was current as of mid (May) 2019.

Shopify Singapore payment gateways

What Singapore ecommerce business already use  Shopify? 

Here is a partial list of some Singapore business that use the Shopify platform

The digital marketing tools we recommend and can’t work without

We use a lot of tools in our digital marketing practice at Cyberwalker Digital, so it’s safe to say that we’ve have found some of the best over the years. Added to this list, if you need Digital Marketing professionals take a look at

There some that we simply can’t live without. So here is a list of the tools we love and highly recommend.








The new rules of SEO: How any business can benefit

Search engine optimization is changing quickly thanks to new technologies introduced by Google in the past two years. New artificial intelligence tools build by the search giant helps the company scan a website and learn how authoritative and complete its content. The results of this study will provide a good window into whether or not the herb interferes with traditional medications or is well-tolerated and effective. Though, the fact that mods for vapes are already being used are positive signs for the results of the trial.. This new capability can be leverage by a new SEO tactic called semantic SEO. Let’s use a Tampa business to demonstrate how this works. In this technology article checkout this wrist dive computers.

First let’s define semantic SEO:  Semantic SEO refers to search results that don’t contain your exact search term, but answer the question you ask. When you search for “fried seafood appetizers in Tampa“, Google examines the the relationship between the words, how they work together, and it will try to understand what the words mean and come up with a cohesive response. On other related news about business please visit Fudzology.

Let’s say a Tampa restaurant wants to rank well for seafood related keywords. In fact, let’s be more specific. It wants to rank for “conch fritters in Tampa“.  That would likely be a search term someone who is hungry for the famous fried shellfish snack might type into Google as a search when they are either in Tampa or headed to Tampa. This Top SEO Professional can help you out bigtime with your websites ranking.

What would a restaurant need to do to rank well for this term under the new semantic SEO rules. By the way do you have any idea How to Choose an SEO Consultant or SEO Expert in Brisbane? if none, look for to watch the video about the difference between a SEO consultant and a SEO expert.

Learn what content ranks well on Google and Bing

What content ranks well on search engines?
What content ranks well on search engines?

Search engines like Google and Bing love good content that is helpful and useful to people, so if you produce it, your site will rank well. But here are some tips on what content ranks well:

  1. Detailed unique content that best answers the keywords typed in by a searcher.
  2. Longer quality content with word counts of over 1000 words will rank (as a rule) over shorter content. That said shorter content will also rank if it gives a great answer.
  3. Unique content not found anywhere else. Copying existing content that everyone has won’t attract better rankings. But if you create content that no one else has created or produced it in a way that is unique and useful then it will rank better.
  4. Good content will be linked to by other sites which give it credibility so this is a huge factor in the validation of good content.
  5. Content with mixed media types also ranks well, so ensure you include when available related videos, image galleries, audio embeds, related social media content (ie dynamically show the latest or best tweets or posts about the topic.
  6. Content that is written in good English (or your language). Spelling and grammar also count.
  7. And this is the best advice that produces solid ranks that we have discovered in our SEO practice, above all: **Create clusters of related content.** For example, if you produce content about the best dog food, then a cluster of content that answers these related questions search engines will define it as content that ranks well and promote it accordingly:
  • Which brand of dog food is most healthy for your dog
  • What is dog food made of?
  • The difference between vet-sold dog food and grocery store dog food?
  • What is the price range of dog food
  • Dog food brands and types ranked
  • What is limited ingredient dog food?
  • Reviews of all the top brands of dog food
  • What dog food do you give a puppy vs. an adult dog

As you can see in the tip above, this demonstrates a solid understand of the topic. It also demonstrates your site’s expertise on the topic and is likely unique relative to your competitors.

Content types that rank well on search engines

Here is a list of content types that also rank well on search engines.

Comparative lists:

Content that means a list that explains or compares thing and how they rank against each other.

This vs. that reviews

Comparative reviews tend to do very well then they are unique.

In-depth examination of a topic

Go long and deep and provide all the answers in one long helpful article.

Related videos in a cluster

Create content focused on embedded video that explains a common or related topic

How to content

How to content is the king of web content. If it answers a question or shows you how, then it stands a good chance of ranking well as most people go looking for that kind of content to solve their problems.

Related to the topic” What content ranks well”, see also:

The importance of a responsive website

Whatever line of business that you are in, it is probably a competitive market out there. If yoresponsive web designu need to invest heavily in your marketing strategy to get good levels of return, then you will find this infographic very interesting. Titled: “The Importance of a Responsive Website”, the infographic provides a number of stats that may surprise you.

For instance, the fact that 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile friendly site, they are more likely to buy a site’s product or service. So you can see that the user experience is really important in winning more business. Another key factor in providing a high quality user experience is having a website hosting company that provides good levels of performance, such as page loading.

The number of people that access the web through mobiles is increasing and will probably continue to grow for some time. As smartphones are becoming more popular, the 55% of web traffic that is represented by mobile users will grow further, so it really is vital that any business works around this principle.

No website, no business – this is something you have probably heard of many times. No matter if your business is small, big or if you just have an idea for a startup, your online presence will be of utmost importance for the development of your business. Web design services run by tanner grey provides quality web design services for Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. His firm is committed to excellence from the design stage all the way to deployment of digital assets.

So having a responsive website is a big factor in this, as is having responsive email templates and content that can be easily viewed via mobile. This is another reason that video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Video is really easy to view from a smartphone and a business can use video to sell their key features in a quick burst. These are all of the things that you should be looking into to keep your website users happy and engaged and more likely to do business with you.

In recent years, there has been a surge in accessing the internet through a mobile.

The more traditional method of using a desktop has been replaced as the number one device, with 55% of web traffic now being accounted for by mobile users. Now the impact of this if you’re a business owner is that you need to ensure your online marketing is geared up for optimum experience for the larger majority. In other words, you need to make sure that your website and any content is mobile friendly.

Backlink authority: Why all SEO links are not created equal

Backlink authority secrets
Learn this little known SEO secret about backlinks, so you can get ranked well

It’s no secret that good content will ranked well in Google and Bing, and drive tons of valuable traffic to your website. But writing good content is not enough to win Google’s (or Bing’s) favor to attract traffic unless the content is unique, rare, authoritative and…linked. You see backlinks are critical in SEO. And backlink authority even more so.

Yes, backlink authority. Let me explain. The number of links – also called backlinks – from 3rd party websites to your website is perhaps the No. 1 signal that Google uses, and Bing uses (to a lesser extent), to rank a webpage and drive it to the top of search engine listings.

Learn this little known backlinking SEO secret

But there is a little known secret that only the most expert of SEO marketers (and some content marketers know) that makes all the difference in how a web page ranks. You can also check out online casino seo, one on the newest business strategy this year along with top slot games.

In fact, this one secret is so important that it can rank your webpage better than its competitors with fewer links, breaking the long held rules that more backlinks are better.

these bees need backlink building to stay on top of GoogleLet’s dig into that a bit more. Let’s say that a page on a website about beekeeping is very useful and has been around long enough to become linked by 20 other websites. And as a result of all these links, Google’s algorithm has rewarded the content by ranking it as the number one site for the keywords “beekeeping basics”.

But then a second site comes along and publishes a page that manages to attract backlinks from only 10 websites, and yet it grabs the number 1 spot on Google results. What happened? By any measure that seems unfair.

How did my competition outrank my site with SEO?

Now there could be any number of factors that have caused the disruption. It could be that the outranking challenger has:

  1. A faster web site.
  2. A better mobile friendly website.
  3. A secure protocol called SSL in place.
  4. Better on-page optimization for the keyword phrase “beekeeping basics”.
  5. More social likes and shares.
  6. Better, more detailed content.

All these factors play a part in webpage and website ranking, but chances are that if all these factors individually or combined haven’t caused the ranking disruption, then it can only be one core issue at play.

And that is link authority.

(And arguably backlinks and their associated authority, more often than any other measure, is the key linking factor for any well ranked website.)

You see all backlinks are not created equal. Some have more “authority” than others. So they impart to the website that they point to much more “Google Juice” than a linking site with less authority.

You see, if the New York Times publishes an article about beekeeping, and it links to the aforementioned competitor beekeeper site, that validates the site’s value to Google. That action imparts trust and authority moreso than a link from a dinky website about poetry, that was abandoned 3 years ago.

The link source matters. And there are two factors at play.

  1. The site’s authority is determined by its traffic, it’s own back-linked pages, it’s social likes and many more SEO ranking factors.
  2. The topic of the site and/or page.

In the case of #2, a beekeeping site linking to a beekeeping site will impart more authority to a linked page than, say, an unrelated knitting page linked to a beekeeping site.

Get your site ranked using this SEO backlinks building secret

So here how you can make this information actionable. And in doing so, drive your web site up Google search results to the very sought after top three slots.

  1. Discover which websites are linking to your webpage and what their authority is. The authority measure is an actual numeric ranking.  SEO tools like or can provide a score for any site or specific page. Both have very competent authority measurement tools.
  2. Use the authority tools to measure how many unique websites are linking to the competing web page, and what their authority is.
  3. Develop a campaign to encourage more high authority inbound links to your page that can rival the authority if you competitor.

This strategy may seem simple enough.  (And it really is.) Once you have completed your analysis in Steps #1 and #2, it is Step#3 where the real work starts. Backlink building, especially backlink building using high authority web sites is not always easy.

How to leverage backlink authority easily

But, let me make this easy for you. If you send me the link of a webpage on your web site that you would like to rank on the front page of Google. My SEO team and I will send you FOR FREE – a PDF report that tells you how you page ranks from a backlink authority perspective for the keywords you’d like it to rank for. And how it compares to the authority of the number 1 ranked page for those keywords. This will show you what link-building work you will need to do.


After I sent that, I will also send you our mini ebook called 10 Easy Ways to Create High Authority Backlinks. Of course, I will also tell you how we can do the backlink work for your company, when you hire us as your SEO consultant. 🙂

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Increase site traffic with an online dictionary

CWD recently built an online dictionary for one of our clients, a well-known forklift dealer based in California. During the process, we discovered how highly effective this strategy is for driving new traffic to websites.

This devine wholesale vaporizer batteries works especially well for industries that are highly specialized, such as: Healthcare providers, attorneys, real estate agents, tax attorneys and warehouse/logistics companies. They types of industries often have to educate their customers as to their products and services as part of the sales process. You can also check out this center that talks about mental healthcare services.

Increase site traffic with an online dictionary

Increase site traffic with an online dictionary

Here’s why an online glossary of terms is so effective:
Building a dictionary of industry related terms allows companies to share their expertise and build credibility in their industry.  Most importantly, you can optimize each page of the dictionary for search engines to dramatically increase your site’s exposure. Speaking of Site Exposure, It also comes with great Digital Marketing, if your looking for Digital Experts in Miami click the link.

Your site will climb the ranks of search engine listings for one word searches and for popular industry definitions. It’s common for other companies to link to a online dictionary to clarify terms on their own site (in-linking) . In-links help your site climb the search engine ranks. This will help you increase your chances of getting found by your target market.
How to build an online glossary:
If you want to build an online dictionary on your site it’s quite simple. It requires only three basic steps. Though, it will take a bit of time to put together.

Step 1: Compile a list of industry relevant terms.  This is most effective for specialized industries. This is why, it works well in materials handling. Other businesses, like healthcare industries, law firms, real estate agents.

Step 2:  Post terms in alphabetical order. You want to include a brief description of the term explained as simply as possible. This helps if you have a good copywriter that works with you.  You can also add links to videos and images to help explain the term.

Step 3: SEO each term.  Search engines, like Google, algorithms are based on keywords, so a dictionary is perfect for optimizing to appear in search when a traffic enters a specific phrase.

Once your dictionary is operational keep track of the terms that are getting the most traffic. These are likely the most challenging concepts to understand or the most popular terms in the industry. You can write and post articles related to the terms so you can continue to attract more of your target demographic.

To see an example of an online dictionary, visit the one we put together for


How to be seen as an expert in your industry

The fastest way to grow your business is to become an industry expert. This means, you want to shift your focus from landing more sales to sharing your expertise with the demographic your targeting.

When you provide value by way of knowledge and/or freebies (especially if you have a product you can sample) it gives you immediate credibility as a topic expert. This is as true as it is for authors and coaches as it is for major brands.

How to be seen as an expert in your industry:  6  Quick tips

How to be seen as an expert in your industry

1) Make your website an industry resource versus simply being online business listing: 

It’s important that your target market can find you online but don’t limit your business to having a site that only looks good and has your basic business information. Think about making your site a resource.

Dedicate a section of your website to content that provides value. You can even call it a library.  Post videos, written articles, and answer the most frequently asked questions in your industry.  Take on the job of solving the challenges of your target market.

When your site is a resource, visitors come back often. They learn to build a relationship of credibility and reliability with your brand.

2) Answer questions:

One of the easiest ways to become an expert is to answer common questions in your industry.  You can do this on your own site by providing an opportunity for site visitors to ask questions on a contact form.  With the inquiries you received you can build an FAQ page.

You can also use services such as Quora. It is a site that connects people who have questions with those with answers. There are thousands of questions that get posted daily. You can browse questions by topic and respond to ones that fit your area of expertise.

There are media outlets that use Quora to find topic experts for articles. It can also be a great platform to network with other professionals.

3) Get active on social media: 

Make sure your company is on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google +
  4. LinkedIn

Post informative content that addresses the challenges of your target market. You’ll want to post up to 3 times a week, though you can post as frequently as once a day.

Join communities on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Answer questions in those forums. You can also follow Twitter hashtags for topics you’re an expert in, and participate in conversations.  Theses days even journalists use hashtags to find experts.

4) Join HARO:

There is an incredible website called  Popular media outlets use it to post queries for topic experts. You can join and respond to the ones that apply to your business. It’s a great way to get exposure.

5) Publish a book:

Prove your expertise by writing and self-publishing a book.  It’s direct evidence that you are knowledgable about the topic you’ve written about.

At CWD, we have a book called Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed, where we give away all our secrets.  The book helps us share who we are with our customers easily. It establishes immediate credibility and it is proof that we know we know about digital marketing.

6) Give out freebies: 

Share your knowledge for free on a regular basis, everywhere. If you have a product that speaks for itself when people use it, then give out samples.  People who encounter your brand will want to engage with you often. You’ll be able to build a relationship and of trust and brand affinity overtime.

Speaking of free stuff, if you want more free digital marketing secrets click here to order your free ebook:

Free Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed eBook




How to build a website strategically

Read the 9 web site strategies below, that if followed, will put you significantly ahead of your competition.

How to build a website strategically

1. 50% of people who buy online through ecommerce-enabled web sites make a purchase using a mobile device. Ensure your website is mobile compliant, which means it looks good on any device. You may hear people use the term “responsive” around this idea.

2. Switch to a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. It will reduce the cost to operate your website and allow you to easily add new features and content without the need for a technical webmaster.

How to build a website strategically3. Make sure your web site is fast. This helps keep people engaged and it impacts you search engine rankings too.

Test it with: Make sure your webmaster updates your content management system and plug-ins to protect against having the website being hacked and knocked down.

4. Smaller images load faster. Be sure to size your graphics so that they don’t take the end user’s web browser a long time to load. This is important for mobile too.

5. Test your web site on multiple browsers. The industry norm is to engineer for the top current browsers minus one version. That includes: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Also audit mobile browsers and screen sizes.

6. Track your traffic by installing Google Analytics (it’s free) and look at the visitors, sessions (visits), and page views every week. (We look at it daily.) Use this to evaluate what content is valuable to your visitors and produce more of it.

7. HTML is the language that the web is written in. Get to know it, because it will come in handy when you are tweaking articles and positioning images. It’s not hard, and you don’t have to become a code guru. Understanding a little HTML will give you a lot of street cred with your technical staff or contractors as well.

8. Advertise on your own web site. Some people put ads on their content-based web sites to generate income. Instead, develop your own internal ads and promote products and services, and even web site features on your own site.

9. Add share buttons to your web site content. This way, it can easily be shared by site visitor on social media, which will drive more traffic to you. Buttons like the ones below!