The Boy With a Stinky Finger

The Boy With a Stinky Finger is a kids book written by acclaimed author Andy Walker is a sweet and funny story about Sammy and his mom.

One day Sammy wants to kiss his mom and he puts his hands on her face but she detects a funny odor coming from his hands.

And so the two of them play detective to try to finger out where the smell came from and what to do it about it.

The book is written in verse and is a delight for all pre-school and elementary school age children (pre-K to Grade 3).

It teaches personal hygiene in a gentle way and makes kids laugh all the way along until Sammy and his mom solve the problem of the stinky finger.

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It is also available a Kindle kids book.

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The Boy With a Stink Finger
Paperback Book: The Boy With a Stink Finger by Andy Walker
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About the Author

Andy Walker

Author Andy Walker has a long career as a writer, author and journalist. He has written five technology books including Super You How Technology Is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human.

His most recent project is a children’s book called The Boy With a Stinky Finger.

His forthcoming second children’s book title called Oops, I Pooped in the Lake! will be published in the spring of 2021.

Andy lives in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada with his wife Kay and son Carter and two cats.

Andy Walker is a multi-talented writer with a long career as a journalist, TV personality and digital marketer. He is the author of the kids book The Boy With a Stinky Finger