Discreet digital marketing coaching for non-technical executives

Discrete digital marketing coaching for non-technical executivesIf you are a marketing executive who does not have a background in digital marketing concepts, techniques and knowledge, because you were trained before (or without access to) new digital technologies, then Cyberwalker Digital’s Senior Strategist Andy Walker can train you in what you need to know to leverage digital marketing strategies in the enterprise.

Executive Ramp Up Coaching on Digital Marketing

This ramp up program is a discreet one-on-one program where no question is too simple or basic. Andy will train you in strategy, concepts, terminology and lingo so you can confidently leverage the knowledge to confidently make business decisions in the Internet and mobile era of marketing with younger teams that have grown up and been educated with the technology at their finger tips. This training is available by phone, Skype, or for intensive training weekends or business week sessions. Can be organized for small groups of executives with add-on one-on-one private sessions.

About executive coach Andy Walker

Andy has been working with digital technologies since the birth of the consumer Internet in 19995. He has worked with major technology blue chip corporations such as Microsoft and Yahoo! and for national brand name media outlets around marketing technologies. He has written five technology demystification books and speaks to audiences around complex technology issues in a simple manner. He is founder of Cyberwalker Digital and is a master digital marketer.


Who this executive training is for:

  • Mid-career or late-career executives who need a catch-up program to feel confident with digital terminology and strategies
  • Non-technical managers and executives that want to better leverage digital marketing in the enterprise
  • Executives from outside North America that need a strategic primer to come up to speed
  • Leaders that have some digital marketing know-how but want to fill gaps in their knowledge quickly and discreetly
  • C-suite transfers from non-marketing disciplines

What you will learn:

  • Digital marketing concepts, terminology and high-level strategies
  • Content management theory and execution
  • Web, mobile and digital knowledge boost
  • Social media demystification
  • Hands-on training on digital marketing specialties
  • Search Engine Optimization Basics (SEO)
  • E-commerce and online selling basics
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • New email marketing rules
  • Module on mobile devices
  • Demystification of digital marketing technical and project management team roles that allows you to effectively manage these specialties

Understanding digital marketing for executives