Web traffic audit and consulting

Web traffic audit | cyberwalker.comIf you are looking to grow the web traffic  to your web site, then we can help you in several ways.

TRAFFIC AUDIT: Hire us to do an analysis of your web property. We will look at existing traffic and surface opportunities for further expansion. We can tell you what parts of your web site should be developed for better traffic flow.

CONTENT AUDIT: Look at what content on your web site is already attracting traffic and how it can be developed to generate more. We will make content recommendations and can coach you in how you can develop low cost content. We can also develop a content plan using inside and outside resources.

SEO: We will also do an SEO analysis of your web property and tell you where you can make improvements. We will give you a five point plan that you can implement to capture more search engine attention.

EMAIL OPPORTUNITIES: We will look at your email  list or potential for an email list and make recommendations on how you can turn this into traffic.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We ask you for access to some key information on your web site include temporary access to your Google Analytics account (don’t have one? we can set one up) and then we will produce a report and do a half hour consult with you to review our findings.

Contact us for more information or to book a web traffic audit with Cyberwalker Digital. CLICK HERE.