Lead capture forms for materials handling websites

A lead capture strategy is a way for your business to capture the contact information of site visitors by using enticing offers that require them to sign up. This involves expertly positioning capture boxes on multiple pages of your web site. Each capture box should have information fields that connect to a contact database.

Here is one CWD created for RaymondHandling.com:

warehouse genius



Lead capture forms for materials handling websites

How to implement an effective lead capture strategy:

An effective lead capture strategy has the following:

  1. A information capture box, with: a) A call to action and b) A giveaway that entices the target market to opt-in

2. Multiple opportunities for site visitors to sign up

3. Constant evaluation and tweaks on what works and what doesn’t.

How to design a strong capture box:

A capture box is a button on a website that includes fields where a site visitor fills in their information to receive an offer. To build a strong web capture box, it helps to understand what marketing industry experts agree is most effective. Here is what you need to know designing a capture box:

1. The fewer fields of information your box has, the more people will want to fill it out. Use the “first name” field and “email” field only, unless your giveaway is a direct mail piece, or you require other information like zip code or last name. The more information a contact is asked to submit, the more you risk pushing them away. Make it as easy as possible for them to sign up. You can always ask for more information later.

2. A strong capture box has a call to action. This is a phrase that stands out and makes a request of a site visitor to take a specific action.

i.e. Sign up for our exclusive email list and get “ROI secrets from the experts” sent to your inbox each week

3. The more concise and succinct the language is on your capture box, the better it will perform.

4. Ask yourself the following: Why would a contact want to sign up for this offer? Why would a contact not want this offer? It will help you think like them and develop something that will attract the right people.

 Give site visitors multiple opportunities to sign up:

Put a capture box on every page of your web site. The more opportunities you make available, the more you increase the chances of site visitors using it.

Diversify your capture boxes. Change up the call to action. Change the image you use. Change the giveaways. If you do this, you’ll learn what is effective. The quicker you learn what hooks the target market, the quicker you can watch leads pour in. Measure everything.

Evaluate your capture strategy ongoingly

It’s really important to track the conversion rates on your capture boxes. This allows you to understand if they work. If they don’t work, site visitors will not sign up. So, if you see this happening, you want to change your strategy immediately. If you review your capture strategy often, you’ll discover what doesn’t work and it will help you get closer to what does work.

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Kay Svela

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