Digital Marketing Guide: Materials Handling Industry

materials handling marketingOne of the market sectors Cyberwalker Digital specializes in is the materials handling industry. We speak lift trucks, racking and fleet optimization lingo. Our client list includes multimillion dollar material handling businesses across the U.S. We have provided the following services to our materials handling clients:

  • Web rebranding and rebuilds
  • Content development and content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization – SEO (click for materials handling SEO questions to ask)
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital lead generation
  • Ecommerce web stores
  • Mobile app development

There is a big opportunity at the moment to engage in a designed digital marketing strategy in materials handling because the industry is only now starting to look at digital marketing as an area for development. Until 2013, the materials handling industry largely looked at digital marketing as an unnecessary strategy, but many pioneers in the business are using new techniques and methods to bring new business and loyal customers. Here’s a challenge for you. Type in keywords into Google or Bing about your market sector in material handling. If you company does not appear on the first page of the results, then you should call us. If it does, does the link go to a page that builds your reputation as an industry leader, or is it slightly embarrassing? Online brochures do not sell well. Call us and we can help. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US NOW