Materials Handling SEO – 10 questions to ask

Materials Handling SEOMaterials Handling SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is a critical strategy to get your business ranked on the top search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

At Cyberwalker Digital we have expertise in getting businesses in the materials handling sector ranked for keywords that matter to their business.

Here are some tips and questions to ask to start thinking about the strategy :

1) Do you know how many web sites link to your materials handling web site? This is critical to show search engines your web site has value and is important for the keywords in your sector.

2) What keywords do you rank well for now? It’s important you where you stand in the rankings today and know what keywords are driving traffic to your web site.

3) What keywords would you like to rank for? Make a list so you can provide it to your agency.

4) What content on your web site make you look like an expert in materials handling? Great content about your specialty that is service content and not sales content will help you rank well.

5) Do you have a presence in social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) for your brand? Did you know this is critical for SEO in materials handling?

6) Do you rank for the geographic areas you serve? What happens if you type your core service or product into Google and a territory. Does you company show up? If not you are missing out on a huge lead generation opportunity.

7) Did you know there are three components to SEO in materials handling? a) keyword research b) On-page optimization c) In-links from other sites to yours

8) Did you know that combinations of keywords can drive great traffic. People search for phrases not single words and your site cna be optimized for this.

9) Do you want to be educated on how this all works and find an agency that can get you results? Cyberwalker Digital will do the strategy and train you too so you can speak confidently about SEO.

10) Do you have access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster? These tools a critical to your success in SEO.

If you want us to help you answer these questions and design an SEO strategy for your material handling business, CONTACT US. We can help.