Why is a strategically designed content-rich web site critical to your success in the Materials Handling industry?

Materials handling web sites: Best practices
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There are a number of reasons why a content-rich site is more effective at generating sales leads and driving web traffic to your site than a fancy looking brochure site with limited content. Here they are in no order of importance:

  1. A content-rich site establishes your brand as an expert in the industry. Your site becomes a go-to resource that people in your target market flock to and visit on a regular basis.
  2. You can repurpose the content you generate for your site on social media, as giveaways in emails, or, you can turn it into print materials for direct marketing and sales use.
  3. You can give your content away to other publications and web authorities so you can generate more leads from the people they reach.
  4. You can optimize all your pages with content for search engines, to increase your chances of getting found by qualified buyers.
  5. If you generate the content yourself, and learn how to do it effectively (we’ll teach you how in this guide), it won’t cost you much. However, guidance from content professionals will help you produce effective content faster and with greater impact.

How to build a content-rich site

It’s fairly simple to build a content-rich site. The first step is to add a content library to your current web site. This is a section of your web site where you post informative and helpful content that attracts leads in your target market.

Content can take the form of:

  • Industry-related articles
  • Blog posts written by your industry experts
  • FAQ articles that answer the most frequently asked questions posed by people in your target market
  • Video clips and tutorials
  • Calculators
  • Surveys and assessments
  • Online courses
  • Infographics, which are visual ways of displaying information using images
  • EBooks
  • Industry reports or white papers

New content should be posted a minimum of once per week and more frequently where possible (for faster results). It’s important to remember that search engines reward sites that post high quality, useful content on a regular basis.

It’s also important to refresh the content on multiple pages on the web site, not just in the content library. For example, content on the homepage should be updated by adding new features like sliders, capture boxes and links to new pages on a regular basis. Refresh your content to show it is live and engaging.

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