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Shopify customer service: Why our clients love it

When our clients consider Shopify as an ecommerce platform, one of the key questions the ask is how is Shopify customer service. Our answer is always: Great!

What is ShopifyI think people are concerned they will have to pay us, their ecommerce agency, high fees for the life of their store, just to run the site. But that is not true. Shopify runs a very solid and supportive customer service operation. You don’t need us as an agency to bill for answers to questions you can get answered for free by Shopify’s support team 24/7. Yes, you read that right: 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Shopify’s support team is responsive

Shopify is very responsive. They are generous with the questions they do answer, and they will tell you if your question requires an expert to make the response happen. We like that because then the customer comes back to us. At that point they know confidently that they are not wasting their money and that the need us.

Most problems can be resolved by Shopify customer service via a quick email. Their turnaround is usually the same business day.

And to be frank, as an agency we want people to feel like they are getting value from us, and that is the experience when we solve the hard questions. And Shopify’s response team solves the basic problems.

The Shopify customer experience

Here is how it usually goes on a build when a customer comes to us for an ecommerce solutions.

  1. Customer wants an ecommerce store
  2. As their agency, we review their needs and usually recommend Shopify, if there is a fit.
  3. We do the build and train them on Shopify.
  4. We introduce them to using Shopify customer support.
  5. When the customer can’t resolve an issue with Shopify customer support because of the complexity of the issue we get a call and then we resolve it for them.

This process keeps their billing down and has them empowered to run their online business.

How to reach Shopify customer service

You can reach Shopify customer service 24/7 as follows:
1 (888) 746-7439. Or reach Shopify via live chat or email using this contact us page

How to reach Cyberwalker Digital about building a Shopify Store

Reach out to Andy Walker at [email protected]