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Is my marketing agency doing a good job?

At Cyberwalker Digital, we  see time and time again, business owners throwing money at marketing agencies without understanding what they’re really paying them for.They understand the importance of having a marketing agency. And, they can see that the marketing agency is doing some work for them because they see things be printed or put online. But, the problem is, they aren’t really sure if any of the strategies are getting them results. If they are getting results, it’s comment that they are not sure where from.

To help you evaluate your marketing strategy and learn how to talk to your marketing agency so you can better direct them to what you want, we’re answering the question:

Is my marketing agency doing a good job?

is your marketing agency doing a good job?

1. Are they providing you with regular performance assessments that show results? If your marketing agency is doing a good job, they will be able to provide you with regular statistics reports. They should be tracking everything do. The best agencies are continually evaluating their progress and adjusting the strategy to ensure you continue to improve.

Based on the services you’ve hired them for, you’ll want to ask for the following:

  • SEO – Analytics reports that show: How many visitors are coming to your site, how long they are staying on each page, what pages they are viewing, and what keywords are effective
  • Email marketing – They should be showing you: Open rates on emails, percentages of links clicked, and where contacts are entering into your funnels.If they are really good, they will split test emails to help them understand what strategies work best with your target audience.
  • Social Media – Are they evaluating your social media strategy? If they are sharing information on: Number of links clicked, contacts entering into email funnels from social media posts and likes and shares for posts, this is valuable information. Based on this information they should be suggesting ideas for new social media content. Have they given you your Klout score? Is it going up?
  • Print marketing – Corporate cards, postcards, flyers and billboards can be more difficult to track than online marketing tactics. However, they should be following up with you to gather the information that will tell them whether a direct mail piece or billboard brought in potential leads.

2. Are they asking you lots of questions? True marketing experts ask a lot of questions, especially when they first start working with your company. It helps them understand: Who your target market is, how to build an effective strategy, and what you are trying to capture with your brand.

If your marketing agency quietly works away without regular communication and then sends you a bill, consider this a red flag.

3. Are they letting you in on their strategies?  Do you know what your marketing agency is doing for you and how it all works?  It’s okay to ask them question about how they do what they do. If they are reputable, they’ll be willing to share strategies with you and explain how they work.  If you ask them how they do something and you get an answer like “it’s too technical for me to describe it”, get rid of this agency.

4. Are they knowledgable? And are they willing to admit when they don’t know/understand something? Expert marketing agents are highly knowledgeable. If you visit their site and see valuable blog posts and articles, that’s a good sign.

If you find that they are willing to admit to their weaknesses this is also a highly valuable skill. While they are experts, it’s impossible for them to know everything about your business. If they are willing to admit to what they don’t know, and are open to learn, you’ve hired an agency that is committed to producing results.

If you are concerned that you are not getting value for your marketing dollars please email your questions to [email protected].  We’ll answer your questions for free. As a reputable agency, it’s important to us that we help businesses steer clear of the bad guys in our industry.

Materials handling marketing tactics from a top agency

If ever there was an opportunity for a business to get ahead in digital marketing, it’s in the materials handling and heavy equipment businesses today. The industries have chronically been behind when it comes to investing in marketing. Most materials handing and heavy equipment companies use old school tactics, boots-on-the-ground sales forces and relationships to win business. However, all that is changing. A new generation of forklift and bulldozer buyers are are coming up the ranks and they are children of the Google age. And they buy using digital tools and changing the nature of materials handling marketing and heavy equipment marketing.

Opportunities for heavy equipment sellers

Their bosses say “go get me some rack” and they walk past the shelf where the catalog is and either fire up their computer or more likely reach for their smartphone or tablet to search for a vendor.That said here are five areas in which you can get out ahead of your competition in the materials handling or heavy equipment sectors very quickly. Teh tips fare from  experts at our materials handling digital marketing agency.

1. Build a Content Library:

Build a materials handling content library like Raymond Handling Concepts did and see who shows up on your door step. Hire a content marketing agency or recruit an out of work journalist and write articles that make your company appear as the expert that it is.  Few companies do this yet and those that do get noticed quickly.

materials handling marketing

There are big advantages for materials handling companies that engage in digital marketing

2. SEO or search engine optimization

Very few companies are building great web content and optimizing it for Google and Bing so they rank in the top search results.  Find an SEO agency and get results in 90 days or learn SEO yourself.

3. Generate Leads from Email Marketing

Gone are the email blast days. A curated and targeted customer list that gives great content to people that subscribe lets you build your brand and awareness among those that buy your products and services. Use the new rules of email marketing and generate valuable sales leads for your sale force.

Heavy Equipment Marketing


4. Sell Equipment Online

Sell a forklift or backhoe or bulldozer in an online store?  Yep. Most 5g pitch start online and require completion offline by phone, however a store full of your forklifts and heavy equipment will surface in search engines. No one puts their credit card down to buy a $20,000 lift truck, they would much easily purchase one of the best audio interface 2017. And you can sell supporting equipment, parts and more. See this materials handling store example.

5. Social Media Marketing:

Your business is on Twitter right? What about Facebook or Google Plus or LinkedIn? You can easily take pictures with good quality audio with the help of How to Record Binaural 3D Audio on a DSLR Camera. Many B2B sales happen because of awareness built in social media. Build a strategy and share the great content you are creating from #1 (above). You will get known quickly. And sales will follow.Find out more with a free 30-minute call with Cyberwalker Digital. We are a Tampa-based digital marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy and builds digital assets and strategy for materials handling sector and for heavy equipment clients.