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Purchasing an email marketing platform

Many companies don’t yet understand how impactful email marketing can be as a method of growing their business. The marketing budget for email is minimal and many businesses use inexpensive platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and iContact, to send mass emails.

purchasing an email marketing platform
The back end of an Infusionsoft campaign.

While these platforms are less money and do offer some ability to track emails sent, they are not at all comprehensive. The services they provide are somewhat limiting.

Companies who are serious about using email marketing to generate sales should invest in an email marketing platform such as Infusionsoft. It is one of the top email marketing platforms currently on the market. There is also Ontraport, Marketo, and several others. At CWD, we use Infusionsoft, so we will briefly highlight its benefits.

Purchasing an email marketing platform

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive email marketing platform that’s hosted by the company Infusionsoft. To purchase Infusionsoft the initial investment is $1,000 to $2,000 for setup. There is also a monthly hosting fee of $300 to $500 per month. (Price is based on number of email addresses you’ll be sending to and features used.)

It offers more features than most basic email marketing platforms. Here are some of its advantages:

Email automation. You can set up large networks of automated email systems. Infusionsoft allows you to easily see what emails are being sent and when. Each email you create is mapped out on a grid, which provides a visualization of the system you design.

Web forms and landing pages. You can build web forms and landing pages in Infusionsoft. You can hook them up to email or you can use the url to post the form or page online (on social media, for example). When you build web forms the information that a contact enters into the form can be set up to populate under that contact’s record in the Infusionsoft database.

Lead score system. Infusionsoft allows you to track your hot leads. Based on information such as open rates and number of links clicked or actions taken, the system will rate the engagement levels of your contacts. You can set it up so you receive an alert when a contact is ready to buy. Or, you can nurture contacts that are losing interest, or have gone cold.

Keep your contact list organized. You can upload all your contacts into your Infusionsoft database and categorize them appropriately. You can apply tags, which are labels, to contacts based on their characteristics and behaviors.

Build emails. You can build your emails inside Infusionsoft. It’s very easy to create emails and upload pictures, email headers and footers. You can add links to your emails or upload attachments. It’s all very user-friendly.

Track engagement levels. There is an entire section with conversion reports that you can review on a regular basis. It provides you valuable information such as how many people are opening your emails, how many of them are clicking on links in those emails, and how they get into your system.

Customer support. Infusionsoft has live support staff that can help you with your campaigns and teach you how to use thesystem’s features.

Templates: Infusionsoft offers a marketplace that includes a gallery of email campaigns. Based on the emails you’d like to send, you can upload a template directly into your system and then personalize it. This makes it very easy to set up email marketing funnels if you are not yet an expert.

At Cyberwalker Digital we provide free tutorials to anyone interested in learning more about Infusionsoft. If that’s you, visit https://cyberwalker.com/infusionsoft-inquiry to learn more. You can also visit http://cwd.link/infusionsoft to see a tour of the product.

Email marketing for materials handling companies

Email marketing is a highly under-used digital marketing tactic. And it’s powerful. You can use it to grow your list of leads and turn those leads into buyers. But, it has to be used effectively, which requires learning a few critical and not always intuitive techniques.

email marketing for materials handling companies

It’s also important to understand that growing your materials handling sales through email marketing takes time. It’s a long-term strategy and one that does not always show results immediately. (Although, when done right, it can take as little as 90 days.)

Email marketing for materials handling companies:

If you want to increase your sales revenue by using email marketing to turn leads into buyers you first need to understand the greatest marketing error that many materials handling companies tend to make.

The No.1 email marketing pitfall

Email marketing requires a specific strategy to be effective. If you do email marketing the right way, you will produce results. If you don’t, you could damage your brand. You can also hinder your ability to use email to communicate with your contacts.

The number one thing to understand is that effective email marketers use email as a medium to:

1.Generate new leads and turn interested people into buyers

2.Keep existing buyers engaged so they are more likely to buy again in the future

Many materials handling companies are email blasters and they don’t know it. Email blasters turn people off in the hopes of landing a few sales. Read these definitions to identify which category your business currently belongs to:

Definition of an email blaster: An email blaster uses email to try to get people to buy their stuff. They don’t consider that there are different groups of people with different needs on their list of contacts. The goal of an email blaster is to sell their stuff to whoever will buy it. They send emails with no strategy and no direction. Their email content is all about them. And they send email to anyone that they have an address for.

Definition of an email marketer: An email marketer creates a long-term sales strategy that has a specific end goal. They send emails to various groups of people. The emails offer valuable content that speaks to the subscribers This builds desire, trust, and loyalty. They ask people to buy when appropriate. Their email content shares expertise that is of interest to subscribers.

If you find yourself in the email blaster camp, don’t feel bad, that is where most people find themselves. Why? Email marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing. Especially in the materials handling industry. There are only a handful of highly effective email marketers.

Many B2B companies also overlook the potential of email marketing. Though they are not necessarily selling a list of products, email can still be used for brand awareness and engagement.

If you follow a few basic steps you can easily create an effective email marketing system that helps you grow your list, generate more sales, communicate directly with your audience, and ultimately, make your company more money.

There are four important steps to follow to implement email into your marketing strategy:

Step 1: Purchase an email marketing platform

Step 2: Setup your email funnels

Step 3: Learn how to write great emails and share great content (see these pallet rack guys)

Step 4: Track your progress and tweak your strategy

These four strategies are explained in the book: Digital Marketing Secrets for companies in Materials Handling. To order your free copy of this 60-page book and receive an ebook version for free, CLICK HERE: