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Social media success: 5 quick tips

Want to use social media to grow your business and generate more sales leads? Read these 5 quick tips.  Number #5 is probably the most overlooked and most important, but you should definitely get more followers on Soundcloud if you want more publicity.

Social media success: 5 quick tips

1) Be sure to post a profile and appropriate brand images or supporting brand images on your social media accounts. Users should have the same brand experience as if they visited your website or came to your company premises. Use the page background, banner image, and feature image options to your brand advantage.

Social media success: 5 quick tips

2) Do not hard sell on social media. Create opportunities for engagement with intriguing offers.  Provide more free valuable expert content than salesy content.

3) Share great content links on social media. It’s a good way to drive people to your web property. Make sure when they land on the content there is a clear way to reach you using a call to action.

4) Be sure to use Pinterest. It is image-centric and is a good way to share links. Product marketers that sell to women do very well on Pinterest.

5) Share content from other web sites. It sets you up as an expert, who understand the industry they are in. Sticking to your own content makes you look self-serving and limits your appeal to people seeking expertise. Share. Share. Share. You look generous. And smart.


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