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Materials handling web sites: Strategic design tips

Some web designers and marketing agencies spend a great deal of time making things look pretty, or making things sound clever. They sometimes forget about strategy, which is what a real web design company should be doing.

materials handling web sites: Strategic design tips

Nothing wrong with a site looking good, but a good web site should also be strategic. It guides the site visitor to take specific actions. For example, if your site has a content library, the site design should guide people to it. If you are looking for someone to help you out with designing, then check out this Graphic Designer.

Materials Handling websites: Strategic design tips:

Here are some easy ways to make your site stand out in the Materials Handling industry:

1. Put people on your web site, especially people who are from your company. People give your site personality. They bring warmth to a site. They help your brand stand out from other sites that are very machine-centric. Remember, ultimately, people buy from people first before anything else.

2. Use great photos, and original images where possible. Good photos give your web site depth. Stock photos you can look very generic. Be cautious of using the same magery that other businesses in your market might be using. Visually unappealing stock photos can pull the site visitor away from great content. (You know the ones, you’ve seen them: Smiling business men in board rooms.)

3. Be consistent with your brand. Develop a great logo with strong colors that represent your brand. Ensure that your site and all your marketing materials are consistent with the logo and the brand rules that go along with it. (ie never warp your logo!) A brand is designed to make its target market feel a certain way about a company. Ensure your brand delivers on an overall experience.

4. Ensure that the sections you want your site visitor to see are easy to locate. Think of the user experience. When they arrive at your site what elements do you want to stand out? What do you want site visitors to click on?

Use sliding promotional images to highlight key sections. Use pop-up boxes that entice people to click.

5. Make sure your site has a lead capture strategy: This is very important. If your site does not have an ability to capture the contact information of your site visitors, you are doing your business a major disservice.

Visitors are leads. Depending on how popular your site is, you could be getting anywhere from a handful to thousands of visitors per day. Those people are interested in your business. If you capture their contact information you can contact them to see how you can help them.

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