Wondering what is trending in the world of retailing? Here are 10 weird trends in retail for 2023.

  1. “Shoppable” video content: Retailers have begun creating interactive videos that allow viewers to purchase items featured in the video.
  2. “Bleisure” shopping: A combination of business and leisure travel has given rise to the trend of travelers shopping for leisure during their business trips.
  3. “Pay-what-you-want” pricing: Some retailers have experimented with allowing customers to pay whatever they want for a product or service, hoping that customers will pay more than the typical price.
  4. Rentable fashion: Clothing rental services have become increasingly popular, allowing customers to rent high-end fashion items for a fraction of the cost of buying them.
  5. Virtual try-on: With the rise of augmented reality, retailers are now offering customers the ability to try on clothes virtually, without physically trying them on.
  6. Subscription boxes: Customers can now sign up for subscription services that deliver a monthly box of curated products to their doorstep.
  7. “Invisible” stores: Some retailers are reseraching the idea of opening completely unmanned stores, with customers ordering products through an app and having them delivered to a locker or pickup location.
  8. “Glow in the dark” shopping: Retailers are experimenting with creating unique shopping experiences by using neon lights and glow-in-the-dark products to create a surreal shopping environment.
  9. Social media-powered shopping: Some retailers are leveraging the power of social media to allow customers to shop directly from their social media platforms.
  10. Human-free customer service: Some retailers are experimenting with AI-powered customer service, allowing customers to interact with chatbots instead of human representatives.