If you poke around you’ll find average email marketing rates run 10% to 15% on average. You might think it would be hard to adjust your strategy to get higher rates of say 20% to 25%. What if I told you you could improve email open rates and get 40% to 50%? Here are four tips to drastically improve your open email open rates.

1) Use Provocative Titles: Write a subject line that asks a question, suggests an opportunity or causes curiosity. Like: “The most common mistake that hurts your business” or “The one thing even professionals sometimes miss” or “Are you making this revenue-killing mistake?” Just make sure that the title fits the content in the email otherwise you’ll train your subscribers not to trust the content you put out.

2) Be Generous and Give Value: Give your subscribers maximum value in your email by providing them with information assets or downloadable that make them excited to receive your emails. Selling is taking, so give more than your sell.

3) Personalize Your Emails: Email is an intimate exchange so address your subscribers by their first name where possible and make them feel you are talking to them and not a massive group of subscribers.

4) Purge your inactive subscribers Use your email platform to check to see if a person has opened your emails in the previous 3-6 months, if they haven’t put them on a re-engagement funnel and if they do not respond take them off your list. This email list sanitization process will keep the list active and your engagement levels high.