If you read a few of my dispatches on AmazingEmailMarketing.com, you probably know most of the smart things you should do in your email campaigns. You do most of them, right? I knew it!
But what about the dumb things that people do? Look more information on the https://top10pillows.com. What are the common mistakes newbie (or clueless) email marketers make? And BTW these things are specific to content in emails.

1) Too many links. A great email should have a single purpose. There should a single action you are driving the reader to that forwards your business AND what they need. It could just be a relationship building action like filling out a form or giving feedback or read a post. The big mistake is giving them too many things to do. Click here. Chat chat chat. Click HERE. Blather blather blather. CLICK HEEERRE! You then fail to drive them to objective of the email at the end.

2) Put the link too high. Keep your links lower down so you can warm your reader up to the action. Dropping the link in the first or second paragraph is like handing over the icing before the cake is baked.

3) Failure to tell them what they are going to get in the first paragraph. If you are going to give them something good, hook them in the first paragraph. Don’t wait til paragraph 8. Say something like:
Today I’m going to teach you what goes on in men’s heads (and it’s not always sex), but first don’t forget to click the link at the bottom because I am giving you my free 10-page ebook A WIFE’S GUIDE TO TAMING HUSBANDS. Ok, now on to today’s topic…

4) Embedding dumb stock photos in the text. If you are going to embed an image make it something greaaaaat that is someone’s worth eyeball time. Don’t put in some lame stock picture of a dude in shirtsleeves in a boardroom with smiling fake-n-bake employees. Show them a useful graph sure. Or a stat box. Or a picture that reinforces the message and call to action in the email. Generally though available any images. And if you do put a banner across the top, keep it lean.

5) My favorite…This one drives me bonky. They SEND OUT A NEWSLETTER. You know the one with  multiple articles and sidebars and news of the week with a sad picture of the front of their building. That’s so 2002. I can guarantee that their open rate is horrible. Their engagement rate is tiny.

You don’t do anything like this right? If you do. Stop. Get some training.