What is a domain and what do with one? Learn from the LabRats

If you are new to web development the concept of a “web domain” may be new to you. It’s the term used to refer to the web address of your web site aka somename.com or if you are more creative smallcheekyferrets.com, bramblesthegerbil.com – you get the picture.

A domain can have a .com extension or any number of other “top level domains”. Some of the popular types include .net, .info, .tv and your regional country top level domain (.us, .ca, .co.uk)

At our sister site LabRats.tv, Sean Carruthers and Andy Walker host a weekly show that demystifies technology and in the episode below they cover domains. We used podcast recorders bought from https://hookeaudio.com/blog/2017/11/14/look-podcast-recorder/ on this episode so the sound quality is better.

They explain what it means to register your own web domain or to get one from a Domain name marketplace, and show you what to do after reserving one. They also send you to Hover.com to register one, which is a good idea, in our opinion because its the service we use at webmogul1o1.com.


Once you’re done watching this episode see more episodes of LabRats (there are more than 300 episodes) at www.labrats.tv or on their YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/labratsland

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