Did you know that the email subject line  is the most important part of your email?  It’s more important than the body text, more important than what you are giving away, more important than what you are trying to sell.

Why? Because if your headline isn’t great, your emails won’t get opened.

Here are five expert email marketing strategies on how to write email subject lines that are irresistible…

Email marketing strategies for great subject lines:

1) Blend in to the inbox: When your email looks like all the other emails in a person’s inbox the recipient will see it as an email they need to open. They may even open it accidentally, but that’s okay, you got their attention. Examples:

  • “Quick question”
  • “Thanks for your help”
  • “Thought you’d like this.”

2)  Make your email sound important: When your email is important it gets opened. There are certain things that make an email important. If it comes from the president of a company, it’s important. If it’s about crucial businesses matters, like safety or legal requirements for businesses, it’s important. If it’s an exclusive offer for a select group, it’s important. Examples:

  • “A Message from __________________ (President’s name)”
  • “Gift from ____________________ (President’s name)”
  • Safety regulations for Warehouse Managers
  • Exclusive industry insider offer

3)  Play on human curiosity: Did you know that the National Enquirer is the fifth most read publication in the world? People buy the National Enquirer because  the headlines are crazy and they sound close enough to reality to be true. People like weird. They feel compelled to open things that they are curious about. Or, things they can’t believe till they see them. NOTE: If you go weird, the content of your email needs to be the truth.  Example:

  • “Adopt Pinky, the cat that uses the toilet”
  • “The health secret I learned from a Balinese Medicine Man”
  • “Drink beer. Lose weight.”
  • The Mad Hatter reminds me of you”

4) State the value of the email’s content: If you are giving away tangible advice in your email. Or a giving away an attachment that is very valuable, you can simply say what it is. Example:

  • 5 Email marketing secrets the experts use
  • 3 Super weight lose foods
  • 10 Fitness mistakes you might be making

Use these four email marketing strategies to create effective subject lines and track your open rates to see if they increase.

5) Be familiar: If I send you an email and we know each other, chances are you will open the email because you know me. Write headlines that assume you are connected. In the right circumstances these can be highly effective.

  • Tips because you are amazing
  • I wanted you to see this
  • Do you have a few minutes?
  • You will love this info