Gone are the days of email blasts. If you are serious about using email marketing as a tool to develop your business and your reputation that can lead to a measurable sales lift then follows these rules.

1) Treat people on your list like gold. Send them only great material. Do not blast them with questionable offers or low value content.

2) Offer rare and exclusive content and offers. Make them feel special. Make them feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Don’t give way content on your list that is generally available.

3) Use scarcity. It’s a privilege to be on your list so create a sense of urgency for anything you offer and take it away if it is not acted on by your subscribers quickly.

4) Clean and segregate your email list. For those that are inactive and do not engage demote them to a list that you can work a little harder to generate interaction. Use a Smart CRM to do this. (Not sure what that is? Ask me). Promote to a premium list those that click, interact and engage with what you offer. Give those people your best stuff.

5) Don’t sell. Never hard sell to your list. Offer opportunities that have high value and make those offers short lived. Make offers at a ratio of 10 to 1 or better. Send 10 pieces of great content to every one sales offer.

There’s a ton of psychology in the new email marketing. make sure you learn the techniques and spin it into new and growing revenue.