Email marketing ice cream |There is one strategy that you can use in your email marketing practices that will super charge your results.

Just one simple thing.

Most people believe it can’t be so simple. And when you read the answer below it may seem counter intuitive. And you might even resist putting it into practice because you might believe it can’t possibly be true.

So what could possibly be so effective and so simple?

Here it is…

Give your best stuff away.

Really Kay? Are you nuts???

Yes, give your best stuff away. It’s what we at Cyberwalker Digital refer to it as “ice cream”. People like ice cream.

Whatever you offer that has value to your subscribers. The core of your expertise. Give. It. Away. FOR FREE.

So why on earth would you do that?

There are a few critical reasons.

1) People get A LOT of emails, so you have to give them a reason to open your emails

Think about your inbox. Which emails do you open? The ones that give you value. That fulfil a need. Make you laugh. Give you a deal. Provide you with info you need. You don’t open the hard sell emails. You don’t open ads. You don’t open dry boring material.

2) I said your best stuff, not all your stuff. 

Anything you are selling or providing to a subscriber is a package deal usually. A series of information. So when i say give away your best stuff. Give access to the most exciting 3-4 minuet video you have made. Demonstrate how amazing your stuff is. Talk about what’s in it then give it away, then debrief it. Then tell them about the more stuff. Give away the icing and get them to dream about the cake.

3) After your freebie, not everyone will buy, but many will and they will be hungry 

The best stuff positions you as an expert. It makes people think you and your expertise are awesome. It should make them feel like they have been give gold. And some of them will be willing to pay for more.  (The one that don’t are not ready or willing, but they may be in future) And let’s face it the freebie really is part of a bigger bundle. And your ability to demystify that big ball of expertise is what you are selling in the end. You are building credibility

4) Giving away excellence builds your brand

Even if someone consumes your best stuff and does not buy what you later offer, its ok because they consume and get value from the freebie and are left wanting something more but may not engage in the offer that comes later for a variety of reasons. They don’t need it now. They can’t afford it now. They don’t see the whole grand offering as necessary but they are curious. Giving away great stuff builds a perception you are good and leaves them wanting more of that. They might even refer you to someone that will also consume the best giveaway who will buy.

So how do I know what “my best stuff” is?

The stuff you have that you think people should pay a lot of money for. But note I didn’t say give it all away. Give some of it away.

When people find gold, they go looking for more. That’s when you sell them a pick axe.