The Power of P.S.

Someone recently asked me:

Do you normally use PS messages in the emails you send? If yes, how do they work for you?

Yes, Neil Strauss does this extremely effectively. More information look here. In fact his former email strategist Aaron works for us at

Neil’s strategy is to use P.S., P.P.S and sometimes to be funny P.P.P.S. I am always in intrigued by Neil’s genius and style.

The secret on the P.S. is to not over do it and work a little humor into it. A great P.S. is a good way to say – ok we got the business handled, now let me let you in on the inside. It should have high value content or contain  “secrets”, it can tease, and it can be funny.

It also has the effect that your email does not selling anything, but cheekily pitches something at the end in an off-handed kind of way — if you do it right.

Because I advocate using a personal tone in emails, I sometimes will write a message that shares something from what I am up to  in my life that I may be developing (and want to sell later).

Like this:
P.S. Sorry this email is late this week, but I have been heads down working on my new SEO course. Want a peek? Here's a secret preview. [LINK etc]

You can use this for anything you want to promote. Just make it worth their while to click. Intrigue your reader.

Well that’s all for now. Hope this little piece was useful!

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