If you have an audience on the web, it probably means you are a great writer, a great coach, a celebrity of some kind or a content producer.

You are never going to make much money through advertising unless you have more than 10,000 daily visitors. However if your web audience registers with you and agrees to receive email you can easily monetize that relationship using these counter intuitive rules.

Here’s our Top 10 list:

1) Never hard sell to your audience.
2) Treat them like gold: Give them information, content and expertise that they cannot get anywhere else.
3) If you want them to buy from you, give them a taste of what you offer for free, with no obligation
4) Offer them opportunities they never have had before and limit the window when they can take advantage of that.
5) Connect with them on a personal level: Speak personally to them from the heart and share from personal experience.
6) Use tools such as InfusionSoft where you can automate your communications and collect behavioral data.
7) Sell only when they indicate a need and you know for certain they have that need.
8) Offer them value and promote and reward those that engage with that value
9) Give them much more than they expect.
10) Use a professional sales and marketing automation tool like InfusionSoft.

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