Over the years we have used a lot of digital marketing tools at our agency. Finding the best SEO reporting tool took time however. Some were ok. A few we found were pretty crappy. Luckily we have found one we love called keyword.com?  What is keyword.com you ask? Read on to find out.

So I am going to show you three tools we use here at Cyberwalker Digital that are our favorite SEO reporting tools that make clients really happy. Because they show progress and validate an SEO spend.

What is Keyword.com? A killer SEO reporting tool

In this article we are going to look at a tool call SerpBook, an affordable SEO tracking tool:

A quick note here. We used MOZ.com for many years, however it did a poor job of showing keyword progress. And it was too expensive relative to what else is in the marketplace. So we dropped it and replace it with Keyword.com for a series of reasons you are about to see. And although our employees often say, “hey, what is keyword.com?” when they join the company because it is not well known, they soon learn to love it too.

#1 – SEO Reporting Tool – SERPBook.com

seo reports - serpbook - toolWe love Keyword.com because it is easy to use, easy to setup and easy to afford. Pricing starts at only $24/mo and runs into the hundreds per month, but you’ll pay under $38/mo for the mid-tier service.

What is serpbookWhat we like about this product is a few key features:

  1. You can set it it up to track a keyword on a web site and it will find the correct page that ranks the best.
  2. It will show you progress of that keyword over time
  3. You can set it up to track results based on a local geography (town/city, state/province, country) or nationally in a country.
  4. It has an easy to read table format to show daily, weekly and monthly movements.
  5. It reports every half hour.
  6. You can send PDF or CSV reports by email to multiple people on a schedule (daily, weekly etc).
  7. It’s unbranded (ideal for agencies or companies with multiple clients).