WordPress is just for bloggers, isn’t it? That may have once been true; however, data obtained from a survey conducted by W3Techs, has revealed that 30% of all websites are now powered by WordPress. Most notably, Disney, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News and Usain Bolt are all using WordPress to run their websites. Therefore, if it’s good enough for these big brands, it’s more than suitable for the more demure business looking to generate blog content quickly.

In the marketing world

WordPress is a magnificent tool to utilize your business’s marketing strategies. As WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) it effectively does everything for you other than write your content. When you’ve typed up your post, it’s as simple as publishing it and the system does the rest – it can tell your subscribers that a new piece has just been published and it allows the post to be shared across various social media platforms, meaning your site and your business are being advertised for very little effort.

Utilizing plugins

WordPress boosts a considerable number of plugins which make creating a website, creating new content, advertising your services and optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effortless. SEO is the key to driving good quality traffic to your site, which is the ultimate goal for any business. Improving your SEO also boosts your Domain Authority which can push your site up Google’s search rankings, meaning your business will be seen by more individuals. WordPress comes into its own when it’s excellent SEO you’re after as plugins, such as Yoast, help to ensure all content you create is the best it can be.

Moving your website to WordPress

If your current website isn’t currently run by WordPress, there’s no need to worry as it’s easy to transfer over to the CMS. First, you need to select a WordPress host who offers fast speeds and good customer service. Once you’re with a host, it’s as simple as installing WordPress, followed by a plugin to transfer your existing content across to your new host. You’ll also need to move your domain name over, too. Then, you’re free to select a theme, or, have a unique one designed and installed by a web developer for you, download whichever plugins you require and overhaul your site to turn it into the ultimate SEO and lead generating machine.

So many great businesses and organizations can’t be wrong in using WordPress to host their content. Therefore, now’s the time to take the plunge and move your site over to their CMS system to create the ultimate site to enhance your business leads.