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Many entrepreneurs that want to start an ecommerce store in Singapore ask us if Shopify is the platform of choice for startups or even established companies that need a reliable ecommerce platofmr to host their store.

But there are always questions and we aim here at Cyberwalker to answer them as best we can. We are are a U.S. company that has ben working with Shopify for more than 7 years and we have a presence in Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur (WhatsApp +60-14-991-3660).

Our best advice, however is if you want to evaluate Shopify, the best way to do that is to get a free account just to experiment with the features. You can do that right here. It is the fastest way to start to see if the platform is a fit because it is a fully functional store. You don’t pay any fees for 14 days so you can try it out. Click here to get a free Shopify trial with no credit card required.

Ok, now on to the answers about Shopify in Singapore

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore.

What is Shopify
Shopify is a great ecommerce option for Singapore businesses

FAQ about Shopify in Singapore

Can I sell in Singapore dollars or so I have to use US currency in A Singapore based Shopify store?

Shopify is flexible in that it can use any one currency of dozens from around the world. You control this in the Shopify dashboard. But yes you can sell in Singapore dollars in a Shopify Store.

Shopify store currency SIngapore dollars

Can I sell in a difference currency than Singapore dollars but based my Shopify store in Singapore?

Yes you can sell in any currency you like. However you need to declare one currency for each store.

Can I sell in a multiple currencies in my Shopify store in Singapore?

While you have one currency set in the store you can install a plugin to display funds in a different currency. However the transaction will go through in your primary currency, and it will convert on the customer’s credit card.

Shopify has an advanced platform called Shopify Plus that can replicate a single site across multiple regions supporting each country’s currency natively in the store. So for example you could run,,

Is Shopify Payments available in Singapore?

Yes when you sign up for a Shopify store you can run all your transactions through Shopify Payments. No need to get a third part credit card clearing payment gateway. This is the simplest and best option.

What third party payment credit gateways can I use on Shopify in Singapore? 

If you want to use another payment gateway there are a series of options. See list below which was current as of mid (May) 2019.

Shopify Singapore payment gateways

What Singapore ecommerce business already use  Shopify? 

Here is a partial list of some Singapore business that use the Shopify platform

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