Learn this little known SEO secret about backlinks, so you can get ranked well

It’s no secret that good content will ranked well in Google and Bing, and drive tons of valuable traffic to your website. But writing good content is not enough to win Google’s (or Bing’s) favor to attract traffic unless the content is unique, rare, authoritative and…linked. You see backlinks are critical in SEO. And backlink authority even more so.

Yes, backlink authority. Let me explain. The number of links – also called backlinks – from 3rd party websites to your website is perhaps the No. 1 signal that Google uses, and Bing uses (to a lesser extent), to rank a webpage and drive it to the top of search engine listings.

Learn this little known backlinking SEO secret

But there is a little-known secret that only the most expert of SEO marketers (and some content marketers know) that makes all the difference in how a web page ranks.

In fact, this one secret is so important that it can rank your webpage better than its competitors with fewer links, breaking the long held rules that more backlinks are better.

Let’s dig into that a bit more. Let’s say that a page on a website about beekeeping is very useful and has been around long enough to become linked by 20 other websites. And as a result of all these links, Google’s algorithm has rewarded the content by ranking it as the number one site for the keywords “beekeeping basics”.

But then a second site comes along and publishes a page that manages to attract backlinks from only 10 websites, and yet it grabs the number 1 spot on Google results. What happened? By any measure that seems unfair.

How did my competition outrank my site with SEO?

Now there could be any number of factors that have caused the disruption. It could be that the outranking challenger has:

  1. A faster web site.
  2. A better mobile friendly website.
  3. A secure protocol called SSL in place.
  4. Better on-page optimization for the keyword phrase “beekeeping basics”.
  5. More social likes and shares.
  6. Better, more detailed content.

All these factors play a part in webpage and website ranking, but chances are that if all these factors individually or combined haven’t caused the ranking disruption, then it can only be one core issue at play.

And that is link authority.

(And arguably backlinks and their associated authority, more often than any other measure, is the key linking factor for any well-ranked website.)

You see all backlinks are not created equal. Some have more “authority” than others. So they impart to the website that they point to much more “Google Juice” than a linking site with less authority.

You see, if the New York Times publishes an article about beekeeping, and it links to the aforementioned competitor beekeeper site, that validates the site’s value to Google. That action imparts trust and authority moreso than a link from a dinky website about poetry, that was abandoned 3 years ago.

The link source matters. And there are two factors at play.

  1. The site’s authority is determined by its traffic, it’s own back-linked pages, it’s social likes and many more SEO ranking factors.
  2. The topic of the site and/or page.

In the case of #2, a beekeeping site linking to a beekeeping site will impart more authority to a linked page than, say, an unrelated knitting page linked to a beekeeping site.

Get your site ranked using this SEO backlinks building secret

So here is how you can make this information actionable. And in doing so, drive your website up Google search results to the very sought-after top three slots.

  1. Discover which websites are linking to your webpage and what their authority is. The authority measure is an actual numeric ranking.  SEO tools like  Ahrefs.com. or Moz.com. can provide a score for any site or specific page. Both have very competent authority measurement tools.
  2. Use the authority tools to measure how many unique websites are linking to the competing web page, and what their authority is.
  3. Develop a campaign to encourage more high authority inbound links to your page that can rival the authority if you competitor.

This strategy may seem simple enough.  (And it really is.) Once you have completed your analysis in Steps #1 and #2, it is Step#3 where the real work starts. Backlink building, especially backlink building using high authority web sites is not always easy.

How to leverage backlink authority easily

But, let me make this easy for you. If you send me the link of a webpage on your web site that you would like to rank on the front page of Google. My SEO team and I will send you FOR FREE – a PDF report that tells you how you page ranks from a backlink authority perspective for the keywords you’d like it to rank for. And how it compares to the authority of the number 1 ranked page for those keywords. This will show you what link-building work you will need to do.


After I sent that, I will also send you our mini ebook called 10 Easy Ways to Create High Authority Backlinks. Of course, I will also tell you how we can do the backlink work for your company when you hire us as your SEO consultant. 🙂

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