People are terrified of making mistakes, so be sure to produce content that asks if the reader made a mistake. This content can be very viral. Everybody wants to know what they are doing wrong, or validate what they are doing right.  Spell out the mistake such as – Did you fail to deploy this one easy traffic attracting strategy that most people miss?  These kinds of articles are what’s called link bait that everyone loves to click on.

Why “mistake” content can go viral

People are afraid of missing out on something that they should have known. Or could have easily done. There’s a fear that everyone knows something that they don’t, so when a headline with this kind of content pops up people check in to make sure they are up to speed. It comes from the innate desire to survive. And when there’s an apparent threat (to your competency, for example) you act quickly to fill the hole. The only problem a lot of people use it to mis-direct web visitors. They make it sound like a concern and then get the click only to reveal its not such a big deal. This  trains web visitor to be less responsive to this five -alarm content so be sure if you use this tactic that what you reveal as a solution to the mistake has great value.


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